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With end of term comes panic, sleep deprivation and anxiety, and this term is no exception. I’ll be taking advantage of my limited prep time to play some longer musical selections today.

On the menu is a Vaughn Williams piece which may be cheesy by classical standards but has long been favourite of mine. Also a complete run through Metropolis Suite 1: The Chase, by Janelle Monae. I can’t believe I’ve only once before played all of The Chase, and I think that was just during a substitute slot. And an Allman Brothers guitar vehicle that kept me on my porch with my ipod for 2 extra cigarettes. In February.

post-show analysis: I didn’t get to the either the Williams or the Allman Brothers. One of these days.

A subtheme on ice cream. Inspired by: Satan’s Ice Cream Truck

I’m committed to playing whoever the current leader is in the officially sanctioned Radiohead Remix Project. Which currently is this:

I tried to play the Radiohead remix, but the player wouldn’t load. One of these days.

I’ll be using this video as setbreak music:

It’s decent music I suppose, but the video is the hot business. By all means, set it to full screen.

Apparently that video comes from Kanye West’s Vimeo account. This seems like a good time to pause and reflect on the video for You Can’t Tell Me Nothing Zach Galifiniakis shot on his farm. I know it got a lot of play when it was at least half fresh (including right here), but it was one of the best mass media products of 2007, and worth a revisit. Well, sort of mass media. Mass media in the new sense of media. Unfortunately, since 2007 Kanye’s site has deteriorated into a partial flash blob, so I can’t link to the video. But go here and look for Can’t Tell Me Nothing – Alternate Version. And set your browser to allow pop ups. Oh fuck it, just try and remember it in your mind. Oh yeah.

OK, I just watched it again and it’s still magic.

  • hugonaut10apr2008.mp3


Vaughn Williams not only is a relative of Darwin – but rights some damn fine tunes! I played some once upon a time in a college chamber orchestra. Thanks for the memories.

wowsers – who needs sleep when you’re righting all night.

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