I should link to muxtape, in part to celebrate it’s brilliantness as the best-yet incarnation of a potent concept, in part in appreciation for it’s effective design (design in the good sense) and in part to remind myself to make better use of it in the few remaining days I have umbilically ubiquitous internet connectivity.


That potent concept article is nice, but it’s written in 2003, so you’re missing out on several sites which have been making it possible to make online mixtapes in the past few years…

2004 – launched
2006 – launched
2007 – launched
2008 – mixwit and muxtape currently hosts mixes from 20 million users, muxtape boasts 100,000 – muxtape is nice, simple, well designed, but imeem is popular, established, legal and feature rich.

Also don’t forget:

1999 – live365 launched

(full disclosure: I helped manage Live365 before leaving a couple years back)

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