The 400 Bush Scandals

The overwhelming quantity of Bush administration policy horrors makes them difficult to think about in a coherent way, and it’s tempting just to turn to and forget about the whole debacle, now that we finally can. Which might be a healthy thing from a personal equanimity perspective, but we should probably be balancing that with an effort to learn from these mistakes.

Hugh (a different Hugh) has been compiling a list of the scandals of the Bush years. It’s not going to soothe your spirit, but I find it satisfying as an effort to throw up all the terrible things into one place where you can look at them, and have some kind of unified feel for the whole bloody mess. 

Bush Scandal List

It’s inevitably subjective. The bullet points range from specific (Harriet Meirs supreme court nomination) to relatively abstract (Marginalization of the UN). A number of the listed scandals strike me as debatable in content, and some of them are not principally the fault of the executive office, but overall the list generally seems to get things about right.

There’s a titles-only version here, and you can break it all down by category by clicking on the links on the right. For instance, I have this nagging feeling that the sub-list of environment-specific scandals is a little lacking, but that may be because a lot of the decisions the Bush administration made on environmental policy may still appear relatively inconsequential, and we’re only going to find out which ones were especially regrettable over a long painful period of reflection.


Are you employing reason or pure emotion. Obama has been president for a very short time an has already surpassed Bush on the scandal front. Obama has shown the ability to make Bush look like a a beacon of virtue, integrity and intelligence in less than 15 days. If I believed in conspiracy theories I would hold that Obama is on the Bush payroll to help Jebb Bush get the nod in 2012.

For a brief list to help you see that you are pushing nonsense please review Obama nominees which have pulled-out of consideration in less that 15 days of his office.

Then note his desire to terrify the American people with threats concerning the stimulus package.

What about his Afagan and Iraq promises?

How about his terrorism pledges?

Maybe we should think about his pledges on lobbyists?

Your reasoning on politics suggests you don’t hold it to the same standard you hold to your profession.

Both, I think.

That’s a remarkable claim. Normally, I don’t think I would even know how to begin to respond to it, given the shear quantity of Bush administration catastrophes. Do I point to Iraq? Global Warming? Guantanamo? The endless little detailed procedural changes made in the environmental, social, and commerce departments which robbed value from communities and passed it over to rich corporate entities? None of those things individually seem to capture the blasted crying shame that was the 8 years of societal regression of the Bush administration.

Luckily, someone made a list.

As for your concerns with Obama, I welcome anyone’s critical analysis of the new president. I disagree with all of your points except the “terrifying American people” thing, and on that one he’s hardly holding a candle to the Orange Alert standard for ambiguous overhanging fear set by his predecessors.

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