America Wants Public Healthcare, Somebody Give It To Them

The early cut and thrust in the Obama administration’s push for public health care — or “socialized medicine”, as they adorably call it down there — has so far been pretty discouraging. Even the democratic congress is lining up to show how thoughtful they are by opposing what would admittedly be pretty radical change in the context of the U.S.A. But it appears that one of the fundamental perceived wisdoms that back up America’s idiosyncratic retro cling to private health care may no longer be true: U.S. citizens have lost their terror of publicizing health.

“But the Times/CBS poll found 85 percent of respondents wanted major healthcare reforms and most would be willing to pay higher taxes to ensure everyone had health insurance.”

Poll finds wide support for healthcare changes — Reuters

Why, hello comrade! I know that “major reforms” isn’t necessarily the same thing as public health care, but surely that’s what we’re talking about, right? Right? Furthermore, polls are dubious creatures as a species, and I’m afraid to pay too much attention to this one, but lord, 85 is a big number. Maybe the next time I work down there I won’t be paying a substantial portion of what would be my rent money to a dodgy insurance corporation, and getting a creepy walmart vibe every time I work up the financial nerve to go to my doctor’s office.

Update June 22nd: And this.

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