Dj Distal



And just like that, my reign as a WCBN dj concludes. I promised myself that if I went back to school, I would get on the radio. That was a good plan.

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Dj Ventral



The show was pretty much The Very Best Mixtape from Esay Mwamwaya and Radioclit plus a few other songs. You can get it here, or many other places around the internet.

Hey, can you believe that 50+ shows later, I’m still finding hours of music I really want to play? Some of it isn’t even repeats.

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Dj Dorsal

Or, “Please Put Out Her Grace’s Hair”

, a sentence not actually included in this week’s show, but which I enjoyed despite of myself in “The Duchess”, which is no longer playing at the Michigan, sorry.

Or, “Huh!”, a la Neil Diamond in “Cherry Cherry”, which was indeed included in this week’s show. Except that Huh! doesn’t quite capture the glottal drop at the end of syllable as Diamond performs it, and “Hugh!” is a misrepresentation in the context of this website.


This week’s set break music courtesy of the OC Remix community and Super Street Fighter II Tubo HD. Now that’s a video game title.

Here’s Neil Young live at Canterbury House in Ann Arbor, 1968, via NPR.

I didn’t get around to this. Next week:

Dj Proximal



Drink some of this, it will put colour in your cheeks! Includes two attempts at Frank Zappa.

BTW, the podcast has been acting strangely lately. Apologies for any inconvenience. It should be mostly OK now, but let me know if you encounter any ectoplasm.

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DJ Christmas Boyfriend



Because several people asked, the answer is James Howard Kunstler. You can hear the entire talk here. Because several other people asked, the answer is National Lampoon’s Radio Dinner album, specifically the “Phono Funnies” track.

Neil Young's American Stars and Bars

As promised, one of the greatest album covers of all time.

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Playing Your Requests Before You Make Them



I don’t know if that’s good music, but it sure is something.

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A Badly Recorded Thumb War with John Hodgman


A couple of weeks ago John Hodgman was in town, and as engineer for T. Hetzel’s Living Writers show, I got to meet the man and watch him through a glass partition for an hour. JKH may only score as a minor celebrity on the vertigously logarithmic US celebritometer scale, but he’s one of the few that I might actually be giddy about meeting, and I was giddy.

The interview was great, and John is by any metric of sober non-giddiness a real pleasure to interact with. He’s (surprise!) funny and interesting and affable. Which may actually be surprising if you’ve read Kurt Vonnegut’s description of the social lives of writers; roughly paraphrased: people expect writers to be articulate and sparkling, since they may write articulate and sparkling things. But the truth is they require two years locked in a room to get just a few basic thoughts out of themselves, and when forced to relate to humans in real time (here I’m quoting) “drag themselves through society like a gut-shot bear”.

Hodgman’s books are about being funny and interesting and affable, and yet that is what he is, so there you go.

The interview is great, T. did a lovely job as she usually does and John needed little prodding. They do in fact engage in a thumb war at one point.

Which brings me to my involvement. Since I first listened to this audio, I have been gradually forgiving myself, but it still pains me to say this: I screwed up the levels. John initially asked for more volume in the headphones, and I chose a very stupid way of bringing those levels up. Consequently there is clipping and distortion, to a degree that significantly detract from the experience. No, I couldn’t hear it when it was happening, but there were three different meters that I failed to absorb visually. Oh man, it still hurts. It does start getting better around minute 8, but it never gets good.

Anyhow, I’m putting the audio up because despite my ineptitude, it’s still worth listening to.

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She Won’t Disport With Me



Not actually an election-day show. But it was more than usually driven by people calling in and telling me what to play or commenting on what was playing, so that is democracy of a sort.

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A Tablespoon of Codeine



Starts slow and builds, more or less, less or more. Ends with back-to-back frenetic Fred Eaglesmith and Nina Simone. I haven’t listened to it since, but in the studio I thought I might even have gotten away with that bit.

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Sucking the Milk Out of 1000 Cows


After borrowing the jumper cables from Tom, wandered through southern rock, hip hop, groove, pop and inevitably ended up flailing around in the mash-up end of the kiddy pool. Fresh trax from Lucinda Williams and Vampire Weekend. It was good for me.

How great is that new station ID that was playing before my show started?

And does anybody have more ideas for dj names that start with the “hyu” sound?

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