unions in treeplanting don’t work, no unions in planting doesn’t work, so…?

I know I’ve got better things to be doing right now, but anyway. Here’s the text of a post I made to a discussion forum of unions in treeplanting, an ongoing and ever contentious issue. Even if it was mostly from a distance, observing the changes in the way peace activists in San Francisco organized and implemented their plans and themselves had a really impact on me. I wonder if there aren’t a lot of communication and organization options and models emerging that people can make use of. Treeplanters are largely a younger, tech-comfortable lot who are probably definable as a group only via their flexibility. So what can be done to overcome the age-old ‘unions don’t work in planting’ problem and combat the universally recognized decay in the treeplanting industry?

Anyway, the post follows, here’s a link to the original discussion forum.

Posted: Tue Apr 22, 2003 5:38 pm Post subject: alternatives to traditional unionism?

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