Nicki Mosley’s latest Outfront documentary

I just realized I never posted this MP3 rip of Nicki Mosely’s latest radio documentary from CBC’s always fabulous Outfront program. It’s about Mose’s experiences while doing AIDS education and development work in some remote corners of Guyana. It’s great of course.

I can’t remember how I made this, I think maybe I recorded the audio stream from CBC’s website and translated it into an MP3. If you prefer, it’s still available as a stream at:

Note that only maybe a quarter of the Outfront shows are available as streams, Mosley’s is one of them.

Otherwise, here’s the MP3 file: Guyana’s Waterworlds.

Mosely’s (yes, I can’t figure out how to spell it, even though I refer to her almost exclusivley as her last name) previous show about treeplanting was a a “best of outfront” pick. I don’t see it on the CBC website anymore – although it used to be part of CBC’s educational tools package. But you can get that here too, thanks to Owen Lyon’s nice MP3 rip of it. Here’s that older file: Poetry in the Trees.

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