It Could or Could Not Be Worse

For the first time in half a decade, it is exam season. Which really is not a good thing.

Thanks then to this anonymous planter-blogger for an extended reminder that it could be much worse:

Girl Gone Wild: Treeplanting Edition.

I asked Tony to be paired with Joel one day last week to help me with my speed. It was a cut throat day: Joel trying to lose me, fuming that I had replaced Laura. Criticizing all my moves. Blaming me for creating holes, and not flagging properly. It got me going. I’ve been out here as long as he has, and I lost it. The feminist spark in me reacts violently to his alpha-male-football-player gasolene. I pounded in low quality shit all over his piece, ghostlines and all.

Sara quit last week after nights and nights of gut wrenching coughs and tears. She developed severe tendontis in her shoulder. There is a big dry space in tent city where her “home” used to be and the truck has been quiet without her loud voice garbling unnecessary cheer every morning. That leaves Mary, Laura and I as the only females on the crew. More block discussion about the merits versus benefits of Sara’s existance in our world. “But she kept me up at night.” Bend. “Yeh, but I felt good knowing someone had it worse than me.” Up. “She brought moral down…..” Bend.

Okay, maybe it doesn’t sound so bad. Naw, it does. Or maybe not. What the hell.

Not entirely coincidentally, there are a couple of new LSFS photos up.

Also… it seems that Ed from the Barenaked Ladies has a tv show (wtf?) in which he travels around and does jobs, and one of them was planting. So if ever you wanted to watch a member of the Barenaked Ladies get busted for Js, now you can. Was I supposed to be studying? Some things never change.

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