Michigan’s Other Church of Yahweh

On our ride around Michigan, a helpful local gave us directions to avoid going through Grand Rapids, and we came across this church of the Assembly of Yahweh. I got excited because I thought it was the church of Yahweh some of whose members are in jail for tax evasion. I gather they believe that it is immoral or irreligious to contribute taxes to a government engaged in war, and have been acting on that notion.

Turns out it’s not, the tax objectors are the “Restored Israel of Yahweh”, and this church is part of the “Assemblies of Yahweh” . Yahweh is one of the earlier recorded names of God (?), and apparently both churches hold the “sacred name” as central. Who knew that different two such religions would be active in Michigan. The Assembly of Yahweh still seems pretty exotic, according to wikipedia a mix of Christian and Jewish teachings which holds the old testament as primary (yikes!). Michigan’s a funny state. So much of it is assertively mainstream, small town trailer parkness. What could be more banal than confederate flags in a northern state? I’m reminded though of something from a Joseph Conrad story (“The Typhoon” maybe?) wherein he claimed that “even the most mundane of working men’s lives had their mysterious side”, or something. From gas stations and satellite TV dishes and NASCAR grill covers, somehow springs Yahweh and militias.

church of the Assembly of Yahweh


I am a member of the Assembly of Yahweh at Gunnell Rd. and Columbia Hwy. We are not part of the Assemblies of Yahweh in Bethel PA. We have been around for decades longer than the Assemblies of Yahweh. You say we are exotic because we teach the whole bible. How is that exotic. I think it is exotic to teach things that you cannot find in the bible. Things like Easter, Christmas, Sunday as the Sabbath day. What is so exotic about teaching what is in the bible? Yahshua (Hebrew name of “Jesus”) said that we should live by every word of Yahweh (the Heavenly Father).

Great Bob,

I was just going to inform them of their misinformation. One should not bear false witness. They need to get their witness in order!

The best education about a religion should come from within that religion instead of from those who have become disaffected from that religion. – Franklin Eugene Rhoads

Malachi 4:5

Does the set-apart spirit confirm me?

Rev. 6:8

I visited there a couple of years ago, had a wonderful time. They host the “Sacred Name Unity Conference” every few years. Thanks, Eaton Rapids Assembly! Hi Bob!

I was just looking up that word of “Yahweh” meaning? (Heavenly Father)!

I look at the picture as could be changed to Baha’i Faith Center if you could read
on this website, http://www.lightingtheway.us/index.html It will tell you everything and
possible that word “Yahweh” could be for Baha’u’llah (Glory of God)

I am not religious. I do NOT accept any of the 2000+ yrs of Christian superstition, built upon the 1000+ yrs of Hebrew superstition. I make my own liberal, modern logical decisions on such matters as birth control, abortion, the ten commandments, etc. I have not gone to church for ~40 years. I am an evolutionist. I believe in an afterlife, but I do NOT believe in (a) the soul dying with the body and being recreated out of the nearest garbage on hand on a perpetually delayed resurrection day, OR (b) the soul going to hellfire to burn in agony forever. I am TIRED of hearing (a) and am sick and repulsed by (b). The bible is, to me, a confused muddle and mixes up at least 2 totally different religions.

I just checked out a few sources and it seems to be true that the Assemblies of Yahweh (Bethel Pa) is neither in Michigan (obviously) or have anything to do with the “assembly of Yahweh”. The Assemblies of Yahweh Bethel Pa, according to J. Melton, is the largest of Sacred Name groups which began in 1966 from a radio outreach program begun by Elder Jacob O. Meyer (governor and leader). He stressed the importance of keeping the Law and using the Name, preaching a doctrine of purity and dedication to the Bible way of life.

His attempts have been recorded as noble. Indeed, the Assemblies of Yahweh has had possibly one of the most profound impacts on the world out of any or all of Sacred Name groups. Surprising, because it is not even part of the Sacred Name Movement. In terms of researching this organisation, I did come across this site: http://biblegrouppickings.blogspot.com/2009/05/2009-03-11-1617-assemblies-of-yahweh.html, which seems accurate enough.

Hmmmm, where does sexism and discrimination fit into religion? I’ve been friends with several of the Meyers kids (adults) and do not believe that God (Yahweh) ever intended seperation and subserviance by women. Women have intelligence and are not on Earth only to serve and slave after men.

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