First Unoffical Official and Unoffically But Really First Radio Shows Today

Just got back from the radio station, where I went to fill in my “can I have regular show please?” form. The forms were in the studio, where there was a couple of guys who really wanted to leave, but the next DJ hadn’t shown up. So I took an hour of radio just because I could. I had to put out a request for someone to call in the request number so I could request that people make requests, and somebody called right away. I played a lot of weird music, and gabbled most of the set breaks, but that’s all within expected tolerances. And I am mighty self satisfied that I opened my first solo show with Losing My Edge from LCD Soundsystem.

And tonight, I actually am officially covering an absent DJs slot. 11pm to 1am, today, wednesday. Streaming on It may or may not be less of a gong show.



1:55 PM – David Bowie – Blackout – –
1:49 PM – Joe Strummer – Gamma Ray – Global A Go Go –
1:42 PM – Brightblack Morning Light – Star Blanket River Child –
1:31 PM – Talking Heads – New Feeling –
1:29 PM – Talking Heads – Uh oh, Love Comes to town –
1:28 PM – Electralane – One Two Three Lots –
1:21 PM – Blue Rodeo – Lost Together –
1:18 PM – Frank Zappa – Peaches in Regalia –
1:15 PM – Silver Jews – Punks in the Beerlight –
1:14 PM – The Gourds – Ziggy Stardust –
1:04 PM – LCD Soundsystem – Losing My Edge –

  • wcbn-2007-08-29-130001-EDT.mp3

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