Some People Will Do What It Takes to Sequence Music In Hex

Read the wikipedia article on the Fast Tracker synthetic music sequencer/composer and consider:

  1. People composed music by hand in hexidecimal.
  2. People developed their own intricate and sophisticated software for doing so. In DOS.
  3. When DOS became just too obsolete to be usable on contemporary machines, multiple projects arose to recreate the functionality and interface of the old software for newer operating systems.
  4. Other people persisted in using the old software by using DOS emulators.
  5. There are such things as DOS emulators, in active development to increase efficiency and speed. Because people need them and want to make them.
  6. Other people who didn’t want to use emulators, made themselves computers to run obsolete operating systems so they could run their obsolete (if that is the right word) music sequencers.
  7. Those people built and maintained those computers out of obsolete hardware, because their obsolete operating systems and software didn’t support new hardware. So they could run hand-built software to hand-write synth music in hexidecimal.
  8. They’re still at it.

You can download and play with stuff too if you like. Lots of people want you to. Here’s some software to play some files from this composer. Watch the numbers flow up the screen. Listen to the lush 8-track arcade-game burbling the numbers make. Ponder, who are these people? Why did I ever think I was weird? Should I maybe aspire to be more weird?

(If you enjoy thinking about that, you might also want to watch Jason Scott’s movie and look at his files.)


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