The Radio Needs More Me, And It’s Going to Get It

I’m going to be hanging out in the studio tomorrow for the Tight Pants show (“if it’s too lound, your pants aren’t tight enough”) with Kristin, one of my favourite WCBN djs. This is nominally a mandated part of my journey towards my own dj-ship (my second “apprenticeship”) but mostly if it’s anything like my first, it will be just good fun. Don’t know how much music I’ll be playing myself, I may mostly just lurk, but you will somehow be able to sense my presence should you listen in by radio or webcast, I promise. I’m on an alt-country kick, so if any of that gets played, it may be my fault.

Tomorrow i.e. Friday 16th at 3:00pm till the next lazy drunken dj decides to show up. Yee hah.

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