An Honest to God DJ Stands to His Post

And what a post it is, I have been assigned the 6am to 9am Monday morning slot as my first official yeah that’s mine radio time. I am thrilled more than it is generally considered cool to be thrilled. I am also deeply relieved not to have taken one of the traditional first-timer 3am to 6am slots.

That time means:

  • I’m in the anchor position for the week, at least according to the many cultures which posit Monday rather than Sunday as the first day of the calendar week.
  • I can’t play songs with cuss words, cause you can’t do that except 11pm to 6am. Tricky.
  • I probably shouldn’t play too much hard driving rock. So easy on the Danko Jones and stuff. Monday mornings probably isn’t when people most want to hear that stuff. I’ll deal with that the same way I deal with being a vegetarian who enjoys meat. Occasionally, I eat meat.
  • I’m the warm-up man for Sue “Blastoff” Dise, looong time veteran DJ who I really liked training with, and who does one of my favourite shows 9 to 12 Monday mornings. That could be fun.
  • Less partying Sunday night.
  • A bit sleepy in my Monday afternoon Evolutionary Dynamics math class. And no doing the homework for the week Monday morning.

It doesn’t seem to be the custom at WCBN to have a name for your show, not as much as at other stations. But I like that bit of schtick. After all, different DJs have very different vibes and it’s good as a listener to be able to differentiate and predict. So I should pick a name. What’s good?

Maybe Hugonaut in the Morning (remember “Chris in the Morning”?).

Maybe Hangover Alley, or something else celebrating the start of the non-weekend.

Maybe Gunfire And A Little Music, after that Edward Abbey funeral quote I came across on my show last week. Don’t know yet. Suggestions appreciated. And requests. Oh yeah.


Do I need a RSS 2.O feed to leave comments here? It’s kind of confusing what that means. Anyway, congrats on your spot!! That’s great. And Monday morning, what a way to start the week. I’m curious about how much partying you were doing Sunday night…that’s kind of a feat in itself. I think of your show as a stream of consciousness…cus when you talk in the in between times, it’s a lot like we are hearing your brain work. Good luck on the name thing. As for requests, I’d like to hear more revolutionary hip hop. Do you like Talib Kweli ? Or Immortal Technique? Dead Prez is good too, a little heavy on the swear words though…I like to start my Mondays with a little hip hop to get me going….but I might be alone here. Anyway, congrats on avoiding the dead of night slot.

I’m hoping hearing how my brain works is as positive an experience for other people as it is for me. If it isn’t, maybe I should work on that. Thanks for the congratulations. If you can think of any immortal technique songs that don’t have swear words I will happily play them, early morning or not. I will be surprised however if there are immortal technique songs without swear words. Especially if there are *good* immortal technique songs without swear words.

I don’t know Talib Kweli or Dead Prez, so hook me up with some track names and it’s on.

Are you going to post links to your Monday morning shows? I hope so. It’s a tad bit earlier for those of us on the West Coast to get a listen.

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