Back to School Rock Radio

I covered an empty slot on Tuesday, the first day of classes. It was fun. I played radio- and non-radio-rock, plus some other flotsam.

Playlist here.


My francophone crewboss from 2006 turned me on to Danko Jones. Danko doesn’t get nearly enough play. He’s the real deal, man, and if his music doesn’t kick your ass, fuck you. I keep expecting to turn around and discover he’s been blessed as authentic by the mainstream and bands are being labeled as ‘Danko-esque’ by hip periodicals. Maybe they are and I don’t read them. Joel Plaskett does what Canadian pop rock does best, and he does it well. Canada really does throw a lot of good bands out there.

I’ll be covering tomorrow, Thursday, from 12:30pm till 3pm, then I have a prime slot Saturday evening 7 till 9, if no senior DJs call me up and kick me off. I’m thinking lots more rock and roll for both of those. But basically I will play whatever I want, and whatever you want. Requests (734) 763-3500, live stream on

  • hugonaut4sep2007.mp3
Playtime Title Artist Album Label
12:32 PM The Information Beck
12:38 PM Lonesome Road Blues Merle Travis
12:43 PM Big In Japan (from Tom Waits) C.R. Avery Just Passing Through
12:47 PM Hard to Handle The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain The Secret Life of
12:47 PM Necropsy of Al Purdy Clive Holden Trains of Winnipeg
12:50 PM Couch Surfer Bran Van 3000 Glee
12:57 PM Garbage Day The Ike Reilly Assassination
12:59 PM Amerika v6.0 Steve Earle Jerusalem
1:05 PM Drunk Teenagers Joel Plaskett Ashtray Rock
1:08 PM Drop Thumb Medley Steve Martin
1:14 PM Baby Hates Me Danko Jones Sleep is the Enemy
1:15 PM Money City Maniacs Sloan
1:21 PM Fashion Dan Melchior Heavy Dirt
1:26 PM Respiration Ben Allison
1:38 PM Rebel Rebel David Bowie Diamond Dogs
1:39 PM Let’s Not and Say We Did Silver Jews Bright Flight
1:42 PM Cleaning Windows Van Morrison
1:46 PM Lazy River The Mills Brothers Greatest Hits
1:52 PM Guy Douane DJ Champion Chill Em’ All
1:55 PM Bhindi Bhagee Joe Strummer Global A Go-Go

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