Seed’s Science Writing Winners Really Get It

Seed Magazine has published the first- and second-place entries in their 2nd annual science writing contest.

Both entries are explicitly not about science as fact or even science as method, but rather insist that science is about uncertainty and rigorous discourse in the context of physical evidence. So I’m down with either one or both, and if challenged for a manifesto might provide a photocopy of either.

1st: Scientific Literacy and the Habit of Discourse, Thomas W. Martin.

2nd: Camelot is Only a Model: Scientific Literacy in the 21st Century, Steven Saus, which gets bonus points both for pumping up the primacy of models in thought and for referencing Python.

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Beautiful essays, they bring a tear to my eye!

To do our part in promoting scientific discourse the Bayblab (a Canadian graduate student blog) is calling for nominees for the First Annual “Socrates” Awards – The Bayblab Awards for Scientific Discourse. We’d love to hear from you and get your nominees!

Thanks for your input!

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