The Best of Radio, The Worst of Radio

There’s no question about it. With the announcement pending of my actual radio slot some morning between 3am and 6am, I am currently filling the best radio times I will ever have. This is the peak of my radio career, at least until I undergo the one semester hazing and commit more time than I possibly have to being a station executive. And the results are decidedly mixed.

But that gives it that tension, you know. Will he succeed in playing the song? No? Get through a set break without sounding pretentious and just too much like I he cares too much? No? People care when there is a real chance of failure. So I figure it’s good radio.

Today’s playlist and wow, 3 freakin hours of radio here (I’m in there about minute 20) here and here too.

By the way, Andrew who always seems to be on ahead of me, despite our completely random schedules plays fantastic stuff and is a really chill guy. It’s too bad “community members” who cover it all summer seem to get the general boot come school time.

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