Video Rewind Labour Day

Not much to offer this week. A sense of existential unease prevents me from linking to any of R Kelly’s “trapped in the closet” chapters, which I was introduced to this week.

I will offer and recommend to you James Howard Kunstler at the TED conference. Nobody rants like Kunstler. Nobody. I’m never too sure about any of the facts he brings to the table, which makes his current fact-grounded crusade on peak oil feel more than a little shaky, but this is Jim in his previous home territory of the sins of modern American civic design. Here he presides like an angry god, the flaming sword of Jane Jacob’s fury manifest and merciless and vocabulary-dense.

Me, I’m going to go see the Bourne Ultimatum this afternoon. Bourne 1 was the bestest action movie evar. 2, pretty good too.

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