I Am the Preincarnation of Utah Phillips

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I think I succeeded in talking less this week. Which is good, since I woke up even less than usually cogent. And not hard, since I sure as hell talk a lot.

Fun times layering the Utah Phillips and instrumental tracks, should be straightforward enough of course but the first time I’ve tried it much live on air. The trick is getting the levels right so the vocals come through without straining, and it’s somehow tricky to gauge that from the board monitor. Utah Phillips has emerged as the number one thing I play, I don’t mean to do that but there’s so much good Utah material that it’s hard not to. And it’s so good. Utah is one of my heroes, he’s had such a rich life, done so much, seen so much, known so much, worked so hard to give it all back. Feels good to help draw him into the flow in some small way, like he works to bring his elders into the flow.

The station is down one CD deck and that adds enough busy work moving CDs around to cut into the time I can sit back and listen, so maybe the reason Fur Immer was the standout for me today was just that’s it’s better than 10 minutes long, so I had to a chance to hear it. Good song though. Up the Wolves from the Mountain Goats also sounded particularly good on my end, but I understand that may just be me. I love that the song catalog at themountaingoats.net runs to 497 tracks. How do we do it? Volume!

Next week I think I’ve got a guest DJ coming in to assist with revolutionary hiphop and show tunes, but we’ll see about the latter.

Oh yeah, and I always wondered if sometimes, when people call in requests to radio shows and the station doesn’t have the song, if DJs just go ahead and p2p it. Yep.

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Playtime Title Artist Album Label
6:53 AM House of Cards Radiohead In Rainbows
6:58 AM Up the Wolves The Mountain Goats The Sunset Tree
7:02 AM Girls Don’t Stop Til They Get Enough Go Home Productions The Complete Bootlegs
7:04 AM I Love My Flag Utah Phillips I’ve Got to Know
7:04 AM With Me Tonight The Beach Boys Smiley Smile
7:11 AM Realize Karsh Kale Distance
7:13 AM that song with the violin? Aphex Twin that album with the song with the violin?
7:15 AM Dim Dim the Lights Bill Haley and the Comets The Decca Years
7:18 AM Johnny Too Bad Taj Mahal The Essential
7:25 AM The Kids Don’t Get It The Tragically Hip World Container
7:29 AM 16 Military Wives Decemberists Picaresque
7:39 AM So Round So Firm So Fully Packed Merle Travis The Best Of
7:42 AM Mose Rager Blues Merle Travis Country Guitar Thunder
7:47 AM Flying Fingers Merle Travis Country Guitar Thunder
7:48 AM Goodbye Pork Pie Hat Rahsaan Roland Kirk The Return of the 5000lb Man
7:59 AM Bustin’ Loose Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers Phat Tracks Vol. 6
8:20 AM Maggot Brain Funkadelic Maggot Brain
8:20 AM Satellite Radio Steve Earle Washington Square Serenade
8:21 AM Nel Cimitero Di Tucson Gianfranco Reverberi Preparti la bara!
8:24 AM Crazy (Gnarls Barkley Cover) Kooks Live Lounge
8:26 AM Sheep and Goats Utah Phillips We Have Fed You All A Thousand Years
8:26 AM Remember Me As a Time of Day Explosions in the Sky How Strange Innocence
8:30 AM I Got the Same Old Blues J.J. Cale Okie
8:38 AM Greek Song Rufus Wainwright Poses
8:39 AM How to Live In Peace Utah Phillips I’ve Got to Know
8:39 AM Iguaza Gustavo Santaolalla Deadwood: Music from HBO Original Series
8:46 AM You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet Bachman Turner Overdrive every classic rock compilation ever
8:48 AM Lets Take A Trip Together Morphine Cure For Pain
8:49 AM Yeah Yeah Yeah Song The Flaming Lips At War With the Mystics
8:57 AM Me and Guiliani Down By The Schoolyard !!! Me and Guiliani Down By the Schoolyard

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