Music for Waitresses and Trains


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I’m getting more moments where I run down the mental checklist of necessities (at least one fresh track cued, playlist updated, not too long since last back-announce, requests found, PSAs/promos/announcements made) and find I don’t need to do anything but sit back and listen.

My favourite moment this week was playing Hobo Train by Rube Waddell, which I haven’t listened to in a long long time, and remembering why I used to love it so much. There are some great lines in that track.

Of course I also liked it when someone called in just to say I was playing a good show. They picked off a bunch of the folk/blues acts as reasons why — I hope that isn’t a sign the Monday morning audience isn’t in to, say, Junior Boys. But the caller didn’t have any such complaints so I’m just gonna feel good about the whole damn thing.

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Playtime Title Artist Album Label
6:56 AM Can’t Let Go Lucinda Williams Car Wheels On A Gravel Road
7:00 AM She’s White Electric Six Fire
7:04 AM The Fabs That’s The Bag I’m In
7:08 AM Eggs and Sausage Tom Waits Used Songs (1973-1980)
7:10 AM Waitress Song Freakwater Old Paint
7:12 AM Table Three Archie Pateman with the Bootscreefers Archie Pateman with the Bootscreefers
7:16 AM Handlebars Flobots
7:21 AM Polynesia Mother Mother Touch Up
7:24 AM The Book of Love The Magnetic Fields 69 Love Songs Vol. 1
7:26 AM Mean Man The Detroit Cobras Baby
7:34 AM Ray of Gob Go Home Productions The Complete Bootlegs
7:37 AM Famous Blue Raincoat Marissa Nadler Songs III: Bird on the Water
7:41 AM Alcohol CSS Cansei de Ser Sexy
7:46 AM Uncle Tupelo I Got Drunk 89-93 An Anthology
7:47 AM Epitaph for my Heart The Magnetic Fields 69 Love Song Vol. 2
7:50 AM White Heat Merle Travis Greatest Stars of Bluegrass Music
7:51 AM Princess of the Streets The Stranglers IV (Rattus Norvegicus)
7:56 AM Azimuth Marcos Valle Mustang Cor De Sangue
8:03 AM TV Girl Charlie Slick
8:09 AM Black Girl Pain Talib Kweli The Beautiful Struggle
8:12 AM It Overtakes Me/ The Stars Are So Big…. The Flaming Lips At War With the Mystics
8:19 AM Rough Eye Blues Buck 65 Secret House Against the World
8:24 AM The Only Living Boy in New York Simon and Garfunkel Bridge Over Troubled Water
8:34 AM Going Up To The Country Gonna Paint My Mailbox Taj Mahal The Essential
8:35 AM Railroad Bill Etta Baker w/ Taj Mahal Etta Baker with Taj Mahal
8:38 AM Starlight on the Rails Utah Phillips Good Though!
8:41 AM Pontiac Rod Picott A Tribute: The Songs of Fred Eaglesmith
8:50 AM A Case of You Joni Mitchell Blue
8:54 AM Vibrations The Beach Boys Smiley Smile
8:57 AM No Sissies Hawksley Workman For Him and the Girls

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If you’re going to start playing Hamlet, i’m going to send show tune requests…
Nice stuff this morning, I liked the train set a lot. I hadn’t heard that Utah Phillips song, which I enjoyed. Thanks for playing Black Girl Pain, that was a nice suprise. When I come to Ann Arbor next, i’m teaching you how to pronouce his name.

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