Not Stoned, Just Tired

I’m every bit as brainfried now as I was 7 hours ago when I started doing radio, so I’ll keep this to the basic points:


Part one (download):

Part two (download):

Part three (download):


The highlight for me was without a doubt “Open All Night” from the Bruce. Maybe braindeath is a good place to be in for music immersion. I found it immersive. I was also singing along pretty loud to “One Monkey” by Gillian Welch. And the Boards of Canada sounded great. And so did everything. I love this music stuff.

I haven’t had a chance to double check the back-audio, somebody let me know if any of those are broken.

And thanks to the guy who called in asking if that was my regular slot. It is and I am here to serve.

  • wcbn-2007-10-29-080001-EDT.mp3
  • wcbn-2007-10-29-060001-EDT.mp3
  • wcbn-2007-10-29-070001-EDT.mp3
Playtime Title Artist Album Label
6:52 AM Clyde J.J. Cale Naturally
7:01 AM Don’t Fall in Love Danko Jones
7:03 AM Smack Dab in the Middle The Mills Brothers
7:10 AM Carousel Iron & Wine The Shepherd’s Dog
7:13 AM Confucius The Skatellites Ball of Fire
7:20 AM Dirty Ice Cream Dan Melchior Fire Breathing Clones on Cellular Phones
7:20 AM One Monkey Gillian Welch Soul Journey
7:34 AM circle.1 Boards Of Canada Hooper Bay
7:35 AM Twilight Maze Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Soundtrack
7:35 AM All I Need Radiohead In Rainbows
7:38 AM More to Living Ponies in the Surf Ponies in the Surf
7:40 AM Marvin’s Not in Love Go Home Productions The Complete Bootlegs
7:43 AM Now or Never Land Midnight Oil
7:47 AM Crowd Surf Off A Cliff Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton Knives Don’t Have Your Back
7:59 AM Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues Bob Dylan Highway 61 Revisited
8:02 AM Violet Stars Happy Hunting! Janelle Monae Metropolis Suite 1: The Chase
8:05 AM Extraordinary Joel Plaskett Truthfully Truthfully
8:11 AM Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues Nina Simone Legend
8:22 AM An Ending (Ascent) Brian Eno Apollo
8:22 AM Fresh Feeling Eels Souljacker
8:25 AM Get Along Mike Doughty Rockity Roll
8:28 AM Bring the Noise (Public Enemy) Brent Runyan
8:30 AM The Great Intoxication David Byrne Look Into the Eyeball
8:33 AM I Want More Crickhead there will never be a Crickhead album more’s the pity
8:40 AM Hallogallo Neu! Neu!
8:41 AM Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death From Above CSS Cansei de Ser Sexy
8:44 AM Blow Your Whistle Chuck Brown The Best Of
8:47 AM Carne del Toro Fred Eaglesmith Dusty
8:50 AM Holding On Utah Phillips and Ani Difranco The Past Didn’t Go Anywhere
9:01 AM Bandits Buck 65 This Right Here is Buck 65

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