2-4s and Mickeys

True fact: on the way to the radio station I remembered I was out of rum. So I went into the Beer Depot and asked for a pint. It’s taken a long time to get out of the habit of asking for a mickey. That may be the first time I remembered without stumbling over it.

So yeah, doing that show was incredibly indulgent. I was genuinely confused about being in my right mind, and doing radio. Normally I get into the studio after a few hours sleep and I start at six. Today I started clear headed and it felt distinctly strange, like I should go out into the parking lot and smoke a bunch of cigarettes and bang my head against a rock for a while to get into the right headspace. But it was fun. As a side benefit, I may, for the first time, be sick of talking about Canada.

Here’s the playlist.

And here’s the audio:

Part one (download):

Part two (download):

Two hours really wasn’t enough. I’ve got a bunch of stuff to play tomorrow, but I’ll be mixing it up with some more general open format.

errata: Winnipeg is not the “City of Champions”. That dubious claim belongs to Edmonton. Wrong city, wrong damn province even.

  • wcbn-2007-11-22-130002-EST.mp3
  • wcbn-2007-11-22-140001-EST.mp3
Playtime Title Artist Album Label
1:07 PM the Blackfly Song Wade Hemsworth Rough Guide to Canadian Music
1:08 PM Snowed In/Cruisin’ Joel Plaskett Ashtray Rock
1:13 PM News Travels Fast The Be Good Tanyas Chainsmoking Blues
1:19 PM B.C. Trees Josh Martinez
1:25 PM Wicked and Weird Buck 65 This Right Here is Buck 65
1:38 PM These Eyes The Guess Who
1:38 PM American Women The Guess Who
1:50 PM Melody Day Caribou Andorra
1:50 PM Good Ol Hockey Game Stompin Tom Connors
1:50 PM No Cars Go Arcade Fire Neon Bible
1:58 PM Sleep is the Enemy Danko Jones Sleep is the Enemy
2:03 PM All Time High C’mon
2:04 PM Fifty Mission Cap The Tragically Hip Fully Completely
2:12 PM Balade a Toronto Jean Leloup Joue de la Guitare
2:12 PM Sisters of Mercy Leonard Cohen
2:23 PM After the Goldrush Neil Young
2:25 PM A Case of You Joni Mitchell Blue
2:31 PM Dirty Town Mother Mother Touch Up
2:47 PM Cowboy Junkies Sweet Jane
2:47 PM Km 19 (Ootsa Lake) Archie Pateman with the Bootscreefers
2:50 PM This Planting Thing Kluskus Uncut
2:53 PM Barrett’s Privateers Stan Rogers Home in Halifax
2:59 PM Ed Special’s Angstgiving

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Wow, I finally got thru the thursday, firday and monday morning shows from last week and i have to say, well done. I think the first hour of your thursday show was bloody brilliant. Maybe you should think about doing all canadian music one monday a month or something. The first hour of Friday was really great too, my favoirte set was the plea from a cat named virtue-NYC cops–Mercedes Benz segment…and no, you can’t play that song enough…

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