Awesome-Themed Radio

Even more random than usual this week, and I suppose that’s saying something. The playlist machine is broken so I can’t offer the textual blow-by-blow, but the audio is still good to go.

A couple of people have mentioned the Flanders and Swann. Here’s some more info on those wild and crazy guys. The only other background I can offer is that in Peter Ustinov’s autobiography (or maybe it was Alec Guinness’) he mentioned that of all his Oxford buddies , Flanders and Swann stayed the most like themselves over the years. Whatever that means. In retrospect I don’t actually know them from my dad’s vinyl copy of At the Drop of Another Hat. Rather, I grew up listening to a cassette tape copy I suppose he made to keep me away from the record player. When we were packing up to move houses I was surprised to come across the original vinyl copy, but I don’t know if I ever heard it played. I wonder where it is now. The tracks I’ve been playing came from the internet.


The new improved player should play out all three hours in sequence, and I figure it’s more intuitive to skip around using this version than the old one. Or you can download hour 1 2 3.

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