A tour in the United States of America : containing an account of the present situation of that country, the population, agriculture, commerce, customs, and manners of the inhabitants, anecdotes of several members of the Congress, and general officers in the America army, and many other very singular and interesting occurrences : with a description of the Indian nations, the general face of the country, mountains, forests, rivers, and the most beautiful, grand, and picturesque views throughout that vast continent : likewise improvements in husbandry that may be adopted with great advantage in Europe

I was searching the UM library for a book called A Most Singular Country, and this was the entry that came back to me. I was having a hard time figuring out what the title was until I realized that was the title. Wacky wacky 1784.

Also note the publisher was G. Perrin, for Messrs. Price, Moncrieffe, Walker, Exshaw, Wilson, Burnet, Jenkin, White, Burton, Byrne, Whitestone, Colbert, Cashheery, and Marchbank. Those cats valued words man, and lots of them.

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