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I may actually be beginning to satiate my brass band fetish (not that I’m going to stop listening to or playing them, just not over and over and over), and thanks to Kristin for driving that to it’s logical extreme with the Fanfare Savale track. And dj BC for driving it to its illogical extreme with the Wu Orleans remixes. Sometimes you have to go over the top first before you can settle down a little.

I was struck once again by how good so many of Vampire Weekend’s (as yet limited number of) songs are. That’s the first time I’ve gotten around to playing A-Punk, and it was as amazing as the rest. Also, I’m glad I screwed up and played the live Born To Be Wild track. I don’t have to hope I wasn’t the only white guy frantically air guitaring through that one because I know I wasn’t.


The .mp3 archive is working again!

Jan 11 10pm: [audio:]
Jan 11 11pm: [audio:]
Jan 12 midnight: [audio:]

I was stupidly assuming that I was only on till midnight, and hadn’t really planned anything for the third hour, so it’s pretty random.

Kleptones website for downloads:
Daniel Kitson’s (abandoned) podcast:
dj BC’s Wu Orleans album:
Hard n’ Phirm’s website, and here’s where you can get Rodeohead from them.
(That’s just a track listing, no longer a download site. The album is still floating around as a torrent)

I’ll find out next Monday night when my new time slot will be.

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Yay!! the mp3 archiver is back! And what an amazing show this week, I hardly skipped any of your songs:) Please don’t get too over your brass band fetish…I saw Hot 8 Brass Band do Sexual Healing at the Michigan Theater right after Katrina, and it was sexy as hell…And please play more Daniel Kitson. I even enjoyed Eliza Gilkyson’s cover of Greg Browns song after I got over my disapointment that it wasn’t Greg Brown.

Rock on man.

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