Deploy the Podcast Ray

“Now witness the power of this fully armed and operational battle station.”
–Emperor Palpatine

I think I’ve finally got the podcast running for my radio show. It should have been easy–wordpress actually makes podcasting painless–but of course I had to make it work with itunes, and itunes is stupid stupid stupid. Making it work with standards-compliant, normal software: easy. Making it work with tyrannical, we-know-better-than-you, we-know-better-than-the-whole-world itunes: hard.

But I digress. Here’s how to subscribe in (yay!) itunes:

  • In the itunes top menu, choose “Advanced” > “Subscribe to Podcast…”
  • In the box that appears, copy and paste in the address:
  • Click OK.
  • It should now show up in the list of podcasts under “Library” in the left-hand menu.

Once that’s set up, I assume it’s easy enough to make it automatically download new episodes, automatically send them to your ipod, and so on. Using that fabled Apple user-interface easiness.

Note that I’ve had to combine the three hours into a single file (thanks again, Steve Jobs Design Nazi), so it will probably take a while to download an entire episode. Older shows should show up in the list of available episodes, but if you try to download those, you’ll only get the first hour.

This is still mostly experimental, and I’m looking for “feedback” from my “user base”. So if you run into any issues let me know.

If you would like to try accessing the older episodes in their entirety (all three hours), and you aren’t using itunes, you could try using the atom-format feed. This is even more experimental. If it does work at all, the names of the files may be unhelpful, and the episodes may show up out of order. The atom feed is at:


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