Radio for Leaving (Your Lover)


And the audio:

Part one (download):

Part two (download):

Part three (download):

So yeah, that was my not-valentines, station-move-day show. I feel good about it. I’m amazed how freaked out I was about fundraising last week, I had frequent sensations of relief today, which I traced each time to not having to think about money. I am, absolutely, useless with money. I may well be useless with music too, but I have a lot more fun with that uselessness.

Here’s the master list of TV station sign-offs.

Thanks to Carl Sagan for calling in from wherever pop-sci cosmologists go when they die. I guess he beat out Pascal’s wager. I asked him if there was actually a god, and he told me (very quick on the draw I thought), billions and billions. Damn. Turns out Dr. Sagan isn’t exactly a Hot Butter fan, more just concerned about them.

Was it just me or did the audio sound kind of funny today?

Dj name suggestions so far: Hugo-not. Stimsong (ouch, jesus). And this formidable list:

dj Voltaire the bastard
dj gas station oj
dj porpoise
dj without a porpoise
dj tub-of-kittens
dj daffodil
dj free lunch
dj grownup
Regular Hugh
Hugh Regular

I think we’re making progress here.

  • wcbn-2008-02-14-120001-EST.mp3
  • wcbn-2008-02-14-130001-EST.mp3
  • wcbn-2008-02-14-140001-EST.mp3
Playtime Title Artist Album Label
12:52 PM Sexual Healing Hot 8 Brass Band Talkin’ Loud But Sayin’ Something
12:58 PM Apollo 18 They Might Be Giants Narrow Your Eyes
1:02 PM Light My Fire Shirley Bassey
1:07 PM The Highway Callin’ Fred Eaglesmith Fred J. Eaglesmith
1:14 PM Ooh Rivers Coumo Alone: the Home Recording of Rivers Cuomo
1:14 PM Ready Lets Go Boards Of Canada Geodaddi
1:15 PM Rivers Cuomo The World We Love So Much Alone: the Home Recording of Rivers Cuomo
1:18 PM Moving Away Ken Boothe From the Vaults of Studio One
1:23 PM One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show Stick Mcghee Atlantic Rhythm and Blues
1:27 PM One Monkey Gillian Welch Soul Journey
1:36 PM Transamazonica Tania Maria
1:40 PM Gone Gone Gone Charlie Feathers
1:43 PM The World Called Today They Sounded Pissed Mayapple Weather
1:46 PM from “The Singularity: Your Future As A Black Hole” Bruce Sterling Seminars About Long Term Thinking
1:49 PM Day by Day Hot Butter Popcorn
2:00 PM ’64 aka GO Lemon Jelly ’64-’95
2:06 PM New Kind Of Neighborhood Jonathan Richman Action Packed
2:06 PM Farther Along Mississippi John Hurt Deadwood: Music from HBO Original Series
2:18 PM Re-Enlistment Blues Merle Travis
2:21 PM I’ll See You in My Dreams Merle Travis
2:22 PM If I Sang it Pretty Bob Snider
2:25 PM So This is Goodbye Junior Boys So This is Goodbye
2:29 PM Hey That’s No Way to Say Goodbye Leonard Cohen
2:37 PM I Love the Unknown Clem Snide
2:42 PM from “The Singularity: Your Future As A Black Hole” Bruce Sterling Seminars About Long Term Thinking
2:43 PM Montezuma Astronauts
2:43 PM Move On (Bloom Like the Sunlight in My Song) Mike Doughty Rockity Roll
2:50 PM One Note Samba/Spanish Flea Perrey-Kingsley Best of Moog
2:52 PM The Israelites Desmond Dekker The Israelites
2:54 PM Travel Log J.J. Cale Tijuana

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