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It Was Hot in There


Today’s show is a bit of a strange beast. In addition to the usual tunes, about half of it was dedicated to a pilot episode of what might become a regular environmental-themed current events/talky talk show. I asked a couple of friends if they wanted to come on the air, and a few days later they announced that they had worked out a whole show. They’re calling it “It’s Hot in Here”. I kind of like the idea of “producing” a talk show, and it gives me a chance to make unhelpful quips while they try to do something useful and interesting. So we’ll pitch it to the station execs and see. If it flys, I’ll still be doing the regular show, just an hour shorter.

I feel like we managed to fit a tonne of good music in there anyhow. The stretch from Fred Eaglesmith to John Vanderslice felt downright blessed. (Not bad, given that our chief engineer was ripping and tearing at the patch cords trying to figure out why one of the CD decks was failing at the time.) And Jen, or Gina, or whatever the hell she’s calling herself (what’s up with these dj’s with ambiguous names?) has pretty ace taste in music to play in between the talky talk, so it all adds up pretty well. I had never heard that Rahsaan Roland Kirk song. Good stuff.

  • hugonaut13mar2008.mp3
Playtime Title Artist Album Label
12:05 PM Bringing it Back J.J. Cale Naturally
12:05 PM Hammerhead Caribou The Milk of Human Kindness
12:08 PM Redemption Songs Johnny Cash & Joe Strummer
12:11 PM Johnny Too Bad Taj Mahal The Essential
12:15 PM Kinky Blues Armando Trovaioli
12:21 PM Wichita Fred Eaglesmith Dusty
12:28 PM Jersey Girl Tom Waits
12:37 PM California Uber Alles Dead Kennedys
12:39 PM Take it to the Street Rebirth Brass Band Take it to the Street
12:46 PM Slowly But Surely Holly Golightly
12:49 PM Night People Lee Dorsey
12:51 PM Statesboro Blues The Allman Brothers Band
12:59 PM Changes King Curtis Live at Fillmore West
1:13 PM Cherrybomb Pt. 2 Manitoba Up in Flames
1:13 PM crc7173 affectionately John Vanderslice Pixel Revolt
1:32 PM All Good? De La Soul Art Official Intelligence
1:39 PM High Heel Sneakers Rahsaan Roland Kirk
1:51 PM Soul Rebel Robert Marley
1:55 PM Uptown Top Ranking Althea and Donna
2:11 PM Vehicle Ides of March
2:13 PM Curtis Mayfield Diamond in the Back
2:17 PM Ride Captain Ride Blood Sweat and Tears
2:33 PM Sex Machine James Brown
2:38 PM Canary in a Coalmine The Police The Police
2:40 PM Hercules Aaron Neville
2:42 PM One Vampire Weekend Vampire Weekend
2:47 PM Cash Cow Mike Doughty Rockity Roll
2:48 PM Code of the Road Danko Jones his new album out soon
2:52 PM Pamphleteer The Weakerthans Left and Leaving

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