It’s Over Because We Won

When I dropped into ABC last night, the mood at the Day 1 post-party was good (not this good, I guess that happened after). They had already received word that negotiations–which the administrations has traditionally refused to even engage in during work action–were going remarkably well. I knew from my time on campus that the walkout had been a strong event. This morning I woke up to find that unlike Monday’s session, the administration hadn’t gone home before the party was over. In fact, they sat with us until we reached a tentative deal that mooted a second day’s walkout. Which I feel a little cheated about, because today was the day I was going to spend on the picket line.

Frankly, we won.

Later this week we’ll have a full vote on ratifying the contract, but I’m guessing that’s a formality. I would like to write a real post about my experience of the negotiations and the job action, and maybe I’ll have a little more time to do such things now that the union action is settling down. But it feels good to know we did something for those who will come after. And to those folks who will labour under this contract I say: you’re welcome, and remember us when you sit down at the table to set the working conditions for the next lot.

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I’ve enjoyed reading your liveblogging (and not-live-blogging) throughout the bargaining process, Hugh – and such kudos for keeping SNRE strong and involved!! Sorry you didn’t get to picket, but really…it was cold and kind of awful. The after-effects, though, were well worth it! Solidarity!

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