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Two Special Guests, One Exxxtra Special Continent

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Join us for groovy jams, news spannin’ the continent, and VERY special guests Rebecca Hardin, Professor of Anthropology and Natural Resources at UM AND our very own Washington correspondent/SNRE success story, Kerry Duggan.

This just in: WCBN Saves Lives, half of the world’s population are women and people eat food!

To learn more about the exceptionally eloquent, devastatingly funny, and dangerously toasty Rebecca Hardin and read of her many multi-media-tic, multi-sited, multi-disciplinary endeavors check out her site.

To stay on top of your Congress-peeps toes, check out for all things environmental and to find out where your Reps get their ca$h.

A few links to today’s content. Feel free to post any related articles/sweet dance vids YOU may find in the comments section!

Banjuka (tu) by DNA, blazing up the pool halls and discotheques of E. Africa.

The Economist calls for radical solutions to the earth’s food crisis.

The Stern Review

National Geographic series on Africa. Check it out here and do let us know if it’s in the AskWith:

Get the freshest news from the Continent @ For enviro specific news head here.

It got so hot in here today we forgot to announce the sustainable fish of the week, sooo take your pick here.

Wow, Tuesday was Earthday – it felt just like any other day. Sorry Mother Earth, we really blew it. I hope you weren’t expecting organic flowers or fair trade chocolates. We’ll try harder next year, we promise.

This is good bye for now to our regularly scheduled time slot, but do check back for irregularly timed shows featuring Gwen, DJ. Who, K. Duggz and the good Dr. Hardin.

Banjuka (tu) by DNA, blazing up the pool halls and discotheques of E. Africa:

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