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Eating Consciously at Appropriate Trophic Levels, Mussels, Communications Experts, Dean Extraodinarrie, Sustainable Condoms and Greenwash-Bashing Blockbusters

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It was exxxtra hot in here today….

The It’s Hot in Here team, with special guest Kevin Merrill, Communications Director for the School of Natural Resources and Environment, revelled in an SNRE Love-Fest – but don’t worry – we used sustainable protection (for real).

  • Check out the Food Systems Economic Partnership for more details on sustainable foods or those cutting edge sisters of the cloth.
  • Olfactory-licious dogs, not just for drugs anymore
  • (Another) Sustainable Bi-Valve of the week
  • The University of Michigan Rocks (100 dollars please), but seriously, it’s true:
  • Special Guest Kevin Merrill shares his smooth radio voice and astute insight into the necessary nuances of effective communication strategies.
  • SNRE Dean Rosina Bierbaum, Nobel Laureate, Climate Change Expert, and Science advisor to the Stars (a Dean so hot even Alec Baldwin couldn’t get a date) to direct the new World Bank’s World Development Report, the first ever focused on climate and development! Bam! This is a major honor and opportunity for SNRE and the University! (Checks can be sent to It’s Hot in Here @ 2050 When the Polar Ice Caps are Completely Gone, Ann Arbor, MI 4810-HOTT) We’ll keep you updated!
  • Kerry Duggan, our “Washington Correspondent” with in your nation’s capital announces the newest member of the dirrrty dozen.
  • “The Spy who Greened Me” upcoming James Bond film Quantum of Solace features the usual awesomeness and a green-washing villan!!!!

Join us next week for a very special “classes are over let’s get radical” edition of It’s Hot in Here with SPECIAL GUEST, SNRE’s very own, environmental philosopher Dean Bavington. Warm up with his very own episode on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s show Ideas (a series so good it made Hugo into the brilliant thinker he is today), where Dean discusses the role of science in the rise and fall of the Newfoundland Cod Fishery. Listen here and learn.

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Yeah man, we never stray from appropriate trophic levels. That would be weird.

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