Daryl from New Orleans Isn’t Leaving

Travel friend Daryl Goodwin from New Orleans has decided not to leave, and he’s updating his couchsurfing.com profile regularly with the implications.

“I did have New Orleans police officer, Sgt Elder stop by my house earlier this afternoon make sure I was not a looter as I had my car backed up to the house with the hatch open and a ladder going up to an second story window. He was very courteous after seeing my ID and didn’t mention anything about evacuating. I don’t blame him as my area is very desolate.”

(Couchsurfing.com is a network of people who offer each other their couches for use when travelling. People end up using it as a sort of social networking site, although that isn’t it’s primary intent. Daryl is CS city ambassador for New Orleans and was great when we were down there.)

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