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Get Your Health On – Healthy Markets, Healthy Foods, Hearty Jams

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Listen in for our first ever Get Your Health on edition of IHIH. Rachel Chadderdon, Market Master of the Ypsilanti Farmer’s Market joins us in the WCBN studios for some majorly uplifting updates on her (and other’s) impressive efforts to de-desertify the food desert of Washtenaw County.

  • This just in: Florida AND California are saving money and saving the planet by going green!
  • Which is freakin’ brilliant, given that the autumn temps in the Arctic Region, according to NOAA, are the second highest on record! It is Hot in Here!
  • The credit crunch is especially bad new for wind power.
  • The Union of Concerned Scientists has released their annual Federal Agency Report Card. Rock on NASA and the Nuc Reg Commission for your B’s. Shame on you EPA, NOAA, BLM and the Consumer Product Safety Commission for your D’s! No dessert for you!
  • Bush gives 13 billion to Amtrak via the new railroad-safety law.
  • Next week: Check out the new sustainable sushi guide, but for now know that U.S. Farmed Abalone (awabi), North American Albacore Tuna (shiro maguro) and Farmed Artctic Char (iwana) are excellent choices. STAY AWAY from Bluefin Tuna (toro), Monkfish (ankoh), Red Snapper (tai) and Freshwater Eel (unagi).
  • LVC Releases the 2008 Scorecard! Check out your local reps!! Vote Green!
  • Canada’s sour gas situation explodes, literally

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