She Won’t Disport With Me


Not actually an election-day show. But it was more than usually driven by people calling in and telling me what to play or commenting on what was playing, so that is democracy of a sort.

  • hugonaut04nov2008.mp3
Playtime Title Artist Album Label
1:04 PM Wait For Your Approval Young Canadians No Escape
1:05 PM Just A Little Bit Jerry Lee Lewis Southern Roots
1:08 PM The Look of Love Dorothy Ashby The Art of Afro Harping
1:12 PM Katie Cruel Karen Dalton In My Own Time
1:15 PM Carpel Tunnel Syndrome Kid Koala Ninja Cuts Funkungfusion
1:21 PM Lighten Up Morrissey Sparks Exotic Creatures of the Deep
1:25 PM Pinniped/Quadraped Diplo Sound and Fury
1:36 PM Nazionale Neu! Neu! 4
1:37 PM Losing My Edge LCD Soundsystem Losing My Edge
1:47 PM Staring at the Sun TV on the Radio Young Liars
1:53 PM Soul to Soul Ike & Tina Turner Soul to Soul Original Soundtrack
1:55 PM Third Rail Ben Allison Peace Pipe
1:59 PM Pass the Hatchet Roger and the Gypsies Saturday Night Fish Fry: New Orleans Funk and Soul
2:03 PM Dirty Ice Cream Dan Melchior Fire Breathing Clones on Cellular Phones
2:04 PM Cubs in Five The Mountain Goats Nine Black Poppies
2:08 PM Top Floor Bottom Buzzer Morphine The Night
2:12 PM Big Man Restless Kissing the Pink Naked
2:19 PM Daft Punk Is Playing At My House LCD Soundsystem LCD Soundsystem
2:23 PM Underground Hand Kleptones Live’r Than You’ll Ever Be
2:27 PM This Town Ain’t Big Enough for the Both of Us Sparks
2:30 PM Sister Anne MC5 High Time
2:43 PM News Travels Fast C.R. Avery
2:51 PM Meat Man Jerry Lee Lewis Southern Roots
2:51 PM News Travels Fast C.R. Avery
2:53 PM State Trooper Bruce Springsteen Nebraska
2:56 PM Triumph of the Pigs that Ran Straightaway into the Water The Mountain Goats We Shall All Be Healed
2:59 PM The Book of Right On Joanna Newsom The Milk-Eyed Mender

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