Dj Dorsal

Or, “Please Put Out Her Grace’s Hair”

, a sentence not actually included in this week’s show, but which I enjoyed despite of myself in “The Duchess”, which is no longer playing at the Michigan, sorry.

Or, “Huh!”, a la Neil Diamond in “Cherry Cherry”, which was indeed included in this week’s show. Except that Huh! doesn’t quite capture the glottal drop at the end of syllable as Diamond performs it, and “Hugh!” is a misrepresentation in the context of this website.


This week’s set break music courtesy of the OC Remix community and Super Street Fighter II Tubo HD. Now that’s a video game title.

Here’s Neil Young live at Canterbury House in Ann Arbor, 1968, via NPR.

I didn’t get around to this. Next week:

Playtime Title Artist Album Label
1:01 PM Data Redux Young Canadians No Escape
1:03 PM Baby Hates Me Danko Jones
1:06 PM Drunk Kid Koala Xen Cuts
1:11 PM Cherry Cherry Neil Diamond Hot August Nights
1:15 PM noatak.1 Boards Of Canada Hooper Bay
1:30 PM Your Belgian Things The Mountain Goats We Shall All Be Healed
1:37 PM Silver Sparkle Amps Mixel Pixel Rainbow Panda
1:38 PM Star Blanket Morning Child Brightblack Morning Light Brightblack Morning Light
1:50 PM Anirog Da Squarepusher Hard Normal Daddy
1:50 PM Free Radical The Flaming Lips At War With the Mystics
1:58 PM Come On Teacher Joel Plaskett Truthfully Truthfully
2:06 PM Gallow Pole Led Zeppelin Request
2:08 PM One Night of Love Karen Dalton In My Own Time
2:11 PM Teenage Caveman Beat Happening You Turn Me On
2:14 PM Fight For Your Mind Ben Harper Burn One Down Request
2:17 PM Back in Our Minds Funkadelic Maggot Brain Request
2:19 PM White Lightning Waylon Jennings The Journey
2:25 PM Burn Out The Cinematic Orchestra Every Day
2:27 PM Army Dreamers Kate Bush The Whole Story
2:27 PM Where Did All the Money Go? NPR Planet Money Podcast with Niall Ferguson
2:40 PM Lonely Financial Zone Jonathan Richman
2:49 PM Bookstore Rap Neil Young Live at the Cantebury House 1968
2:49 PM Loner Neil Young Live at the Cantebury House 1968
2:55 PM I’ve Been Waiting For You Neil Young Live at the Cantebury House 1968
2:56 PM Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa The Very Best (Esau Mwamwaya & Radioclit) The Very Best Mixtape

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