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Eco-Resolution Week!

Audio [audio:]

Please share your eco-resolutions below in the comments! AND if you have a name for a person who eats meat once a week, post that too!

In the audio above which starts a couple minutes in we had the news, food news, and eco-resolutions for the new year discussions including 10 easy ways to go green in the kitchen and some suggestions from callers and over the interwebs.

COAL is NEVER CLEAN: Sign Here to tell your Congressfolk to ban new coal plants and to invest in genuinely, CLEAN, RENEWABLE energy technology.

Promised links to the following are forthcoming:

  • Rep. Conryn Drill Baby Drill news.

Music playlist coming soon.


Meat once a week- definitely not vegan, good lord!

Thanks for the mention today! Here’s a link to my post about eco-resolutions:

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