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The Human and Ecological Impacts of Climage Change, Mongolia, Lake Victoria, Michigan


Join us this week for the news (including rethinking carnivorousness), an update from our always fabulous Washington Correspondent Kerry Duggan, and a journey through the nerdery of social-ecological systems theory to the dusty steps of Mongolia, the squishy shores of Lake Victoria and the Great Lakes of Michigan:

The climate really is a changin’, here in Ann Arbor, we’ve had the most snow [through January 30th] ever recorded… see this pdf for more details.


  • Tsetseg Nuriin Tovoo by Morin Khuur
  • Xux Tobolton by Altan Urag
  • Wetende Mukolwe, Sukuma Bin Ongaro and the Sukuma Band
  • It’s Your World by Gil Scott-Heron
  • Chase the Devil by Max Romeo

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