Saturday Night at the YouTube

A collection of good pre-partying videos from the last few years.

In high-def where available, but I can’t be bothered to search up the youtube hack that allows embedding of HD clips, so you may have to click through for full quality.

Fatboy SlimPush The Tempo

I can’t believe I hadn’t seen this before.

Utah SaintsSomethings Good ’08

“It was the freshest move I’d ever seen”. Charming.

Eclectic MethodThe Colbert Report – Remix feat Lawrence Lessig

Also appears as the closing credits in Remix Manifesto (which I still haven’t seen, despite that I could see it if I were to click here). Can’t help noticing that all of these videos are either remixes or third-party alternate versions or make heavy use of sampling (except maybe the Fatboy Slim, ironically).

Flat EricFlat Beat – Mr. Oizo

Also new to me. I don’t know the story behind the video but I gather it was yet another sensation that I never heard about a few years back. Click through and read the info box for some background on the track.

Kanye WestCan’t Tell Me (Alternate Version) by Zack Galifianakis and Will Oldham

Still my favourite after all these months. Shot on Zack’s farm in South Carolina as a lark for his friend Kanye. Finally an HD version!

Kanye West “Can’t Tell Me Nothin” feat. Zach Galifianakis
by galifianakis

François MacréThriller (64 tracks a’cappella version)

Maybe a little sedate for Saturday night, but maybe not. Heck of a thing.

Lazza Gun Sound SystemWelcome 2 Treeplanting 2012

Met Lazza (Lars) at a BBQ last week and he obliged by laying down some fresh freestyle for us, but we forgot to ask him to make the lightning sound effects from the classic “Pound Mix 2007” that I played on a couple of my radio shows. A few days later he emailed me with this fresh material (warning, profanity and 10 minutes long, which is long by youtube standards). Lyrics and .mp3 download here.

Use a staff for your back if your a little taller, I put a twist on a D and grind of the kicker
Shovel in the right, Left is my trigger finger, 249 in a clip plus 1 one in the chamber
Thats not dirt on my hand, I call that gun powder, and I can open up your tarp like its a cash register
Step out on your peice and take out every dollar, see me LZ in my getaway car
And when i say getaway car I mean A-Star, Best decision special mission in a helicopter
I Got a Back Bagger Swagger , a nitridex-flex, I aint just top-dollar-ballin Im livin the upper deck!
Pump That, Cause every top-dollar-baller pumps that, you pocket turnd fat, cool cat,

Hells yeah.

And finally, this new any more but it really is that good:

KutimanMother of All Funk Chords — Thru-You project

If you liked that there is an entire album, all of which seems to be as conceptually and sonically vicked. Touching and rocking at the same time. Recommended.

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