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Back to School: Education Can Save Mountains



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Are you willing to bet that history will view the CO2 theory being valid and that threatening our children with climate death was worth it, as responsible parents, not to mention progressive civilized human beings?
I’m sorry but I can’t do this “end of the world” bit anymore without feeling like history is already laughing and cursing at me. Look your kids in the eyes please and you may rethink this environmental emergency and see this state of urgency and fear in true focus. I don’t think that supporting this CO2 theory is responsible anymore because I think don’t think that promising our kids a sick planet from CO2, for another quarter of a century is sustainable or morally accountable for another two and a half decades of predictions. And we all grapple with the confusing reality of colder temperatures yet more pictures of Polar Bears drowning and scientists saying that what we see is not what we really see.
Since precaution is the influencing force behind this 23 year old CO2 theory, I’m going to side with precaution and not let myself look anymore foolish than I feel right now as I’m telling our kids that we must save the planet for them. Simply put, I’ve waited long enough and a force strong enough to end “life as we know it-IPCC”, on the planet should have happened by now. Waiting any longer is as self fulfilling prophecy and I’m willing to bet against this theory officially as AL Gore and the political scientists and hysterical media fight it out in this media feeding frenzy. And who isn’t embarrassed by these silly headlines of global warming scientists saying CO2 will or may not be causing everything from racism to earthquakes.
Look at it this way, denying this CO2 business does not mean that you are now anti environment, it just means that we should do everything to preserve, protect and respect nature instead of trying to rescue planet Earth with needless fear from a CO2 mistake. Our air is in fact cleaner than the smoggy 70’s, a fact that all of the enviro groups admit. We just have to remove this failed CO2 threat. And at the same time we are being the NEW GREENS of environmentalism, we can still see the need for directing our energies to real issues like the carnage on our highways, poverty, recycling, energy alternatives and better health care, housing and financial opportunities for more people to achieve a higher living standard.
The NEW GREENS are not just deniers; we are the new leaders of Rachel Carson’s environmental movement who don’t want to be remembered for perpetrating this climate WMD scam concerning the obviously failed CO2 theory.
Resulting cooling disproves predicted warming. Preserve, protect and respect our worldly surroundings.

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