Music Still Has the Right to Children

How is it possible that Boards of Canada‘s Music Has the Right to Children still sounds like it’s from the near-future, almost 12 years after it was released?

(I would like to embed a music player here so you could listen to the album, but it looks like has disappeared into the horrible maw of myspace, and I can’t find another web service that allows full-length track streaming.)


George Soros owns. Soe and Skytl heard they would counting the ballots in Nov, Wow! Better ck on this fraud,sounds likeSomeone research pl,sleepaease

I admit it….you made me tear up!Your mom is a champ….but she needed her family to help her through. She is so lucky to have a daughter like you (and Kathy), as well as an AWESOME husband! I’m proud of your whole family!!!!XOXO

Simplistic but it's a place to start. Voting and lobbying are at least actionable.LOL not actionable in the legal sense of filing a class action lawsuit against politicians.

hockeyfan530……………………….. I too have been wondering what his true origin is. I have come to think that he might have been hatched by the sun, from something which fell upon a warm rock.

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