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The Pacific premiered on HBO last night. The Pacific is a follow-up to Band of Brothers. Only recently have I begun to doubt the inherent truth value of the following statement: “Band of Brothers is the best TV series ever”. I’m trying to hold off until the end of the week to watch the first episode.

I finally came to question Band of Brothers‘ best-everness upon completion of David Simon’s The Wire. I am also a big fan of anything to do with New Orleans. So I am mighty stoked to discover that David Simon has a new series called Treme coming up, set in post-Katrina New Orleans. Oh boy oh boy.


Edit: the trailer above no longer seems to be working, I think because I’m in Canada. I would embed a youtube version instead, but HBO seems to have cease-and-desisted all them. Boy, they really don’t want you to watch the trailer for their new TV show.

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