Google Maps With ‘Earth View’ Still Has ‘Terrain View’

Google has just inte­grated the 3-​​D fly-​​through tech­nology of Google Earth into their standard Google Maps website. How do they pack the tech of a 70mb program into a utility that runs in a browser? I do not know, although it appears they may have just (“just”) made the Google Earth plugin for web browsers into an auto­matic download and install.

Vancouver in its 3-​​dimensional glory

I was con­cerned that the arrival of Earth view had replaced the ‘terrain’ view option. Among other things, the hill­shaded terrain view is handy for grabbing lat/​long loca­tions of natural features for quick input into GIS, par­tic­u­larly when used in con­junc­tion with the LatLng marker option.

But all is well. ‘Terrain’ view is still there, it’s just been moved into the ‘More’ dropdown menu.

decent terrain, too

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