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May 23: Change. Chicken. Curiosity. Clean Air.


Join us this week as we check-in and chat change with Kat Superfisky in Brooklyn, John Harnois on his farm in Whitmore Lake, Emily Plews in Columbus, and Michelle Martinez in Detroit! Bam!

Lessons Learned

  • The Big Apple is Green, and Superfisky is basically famous.
  • The brand spankin’ new Ann Arbor Wednesday Night Market opens June 1st (4:30-8:30PM) in Kerrytown and the West Side Farmers Market opens Thursday June 2nd (3-7PM!) in the parking lot of Zingerman’s Roadhouse! will have music and other delicious things. Mark your calendars to ‘shop on by’ and say hi to everyone’s favorite fowl farmer John Harnois of Harnois Farms and IHIH’s own green thumb Shannon Brines of Brines Farm!
  • Appreciative Inquiry is comin’s outta Case Western University in Cleveland. Neat.
  • Get your third I/eye on, says Emily Plews. Curiosity and re-flect/flexion make all kinds of new things possible. Try it, you’ll like it.
  • Particulates (including PM2.5) blow more than just your nose.  Get more info here and sign THIS PETITION in support of the EPA’s strong air-toxics standard.  Thank you Michelle and to the Sierra Club for working to keep the air we breath from contributing to our premature death(s).   Air. For your health!

    (and "for your wine")

Stay curious all, and go turn the world on with your smile!

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