Some changes around here

It’s beginning to look like I don’t blog anymore. In recognition of that, I’ve moved the blog off the front page of, and reverted the front page to something close to its 2004-era look.

I’ve also removed the link to the photos page. It was a nice photos page, but it’s been busted ever since I switched to using nginx to serve the site. (Apparently there is a way to make zenphoto work with nginx, but it hasn’t been working for me.)

I also removed the link to the projects page. It was an OK projects page, but really for the last few years this has been my projects page. And now I don’t work there either, so really my projects page is this.

Next up will be a few tweaks to get this here blog layout responsive, and then I can leave things dipped in amber for a few more years.

But don’t worry, I’m still microblogging.

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