The Other Clone Wars TV Show

I’ve now discovered that there was another animated Star Wars series, in 2003. This one was two one-hour episodes of non-computer animation. Set in the period in between Episode I and Episode II. If the new series is good, this old mini-series is great. Still with the galactic-scale geekoidal imagination, but better pacing and tone. The animation and aesthetic slides down the middle of early 70’s US cartoon (think The Mighty Hercules) and mid-80’s japanimation (think Macross) but with better storyboarding. And it mostly works.

On the down side, the Anakin Skywalker character is just as pointless when played by a cartoon as when played as a cartoon by whoever that actor was, but most of the rest is upside. Even watching Master Mace Windu serially destroy upwards of 40 identical droids in a single fight scene manages to be cinematic and surprising. And I still have an hour-long episode to go.

So far, Recommended.

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