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1.28.13 Fish, People aka JJ’s Back in Town

Food Summit Recap


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We hosted this conversation with Shannon Brines, Jason Frenzel, and Lucas DiGia, organizers of the April 2012 Local Food Summit. How did the summit go? What were the major themes and outcomes this year? Listen in to find out! (Don’t miss some of Lucas’ awesome Rap for Food toward the middle of the show!)

(+ bonus conversation with Matt Grocoff, organizer of the Mission Zero Fest coming up June 9-10, 2012. If you are a green building junkie, be sure to listen to the last 10 minutes of the audio to hear a preview of the fest…)

Bird Geek Show!


Listen Here!

Listen to this bird-tastic episode of “It’s Hot in Here Radio” with special guest Taylor Forrest of the UM Ornithological Society….complete with bird trivia, sound-bites of Michigan birds, and resources to get started with bird-watching!

Environmental Ethics + Religion


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NOTE: In this episode, we erroneously reported that Bill McKibben left 350.org…this is not true! It was an April Fool’s joke that Laura mistook for truth. Please accept our HUGE apology for a news mistake of this magnitude!

“It’s Hot in Here Radio” charts new territory for the program… Today we ask: what does scripture tell us about environmental stewardship? What are the messages fueling faith-based approaches to environmentalism? Dr. Rolf Bouma joins us in the studio to discuss the intersection of environmental ethics and religion.

Dr. Rolf Bouma is the Pastor for Academic Ministries at the Campus Chapel and directs the Center for Faith & Scholarship, a Christian study center at the University of Michigan.  He received his Ph.D. from Boston University in the field of Systematic Theology. In addition to thesis work on biotechnology and a theology of nature, he also has been extensively involved in science and religion dialogue.  Rolf teaches environmental ethics and environmental values/public policy as part of the University of Michigan’s Program in the Environment. He has taught theology at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Rolf also holds M.Div. and Th.M. degrees from Calvin Theological Seminary and has served congregations in Grand Rapids (Eastern Avenue CRC) and Boston (Hope CRC, Framingham, MA). He also obtained a J.D. degree from the University of Michigan Law School (1982).

Journalism and Environment

Listen Here!

why is the news so depressing?

can we trust the media to accurately report on environmental affairs?

what will/should the future of environmental news + journalism be?

Join Kat Superfisky (SNRE) + special guest co-host Phil D’Anieri (famous NPR and PitE legend),

along with special guest Dave Askins (from The Ann Arbor Chronicle)

as they yap all about “Environmental News + Journalism.”

The Localization Reader: Adapting to the Coming Downshift



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Join us for this in-depth preview of the recently released book: “The Localization Reader: Adapting to the Coming Downshift.” Dr. Raymond De Young, co-editor of and contributor to the book, joined us in the studio to chat about the book’s content and process.

Raymond De Young is an Associate Professor in the School Natural Resources + Environment. His work in the Environmental Psychology lab centers around questions of motivating environmental stewardship, maintaining human well-being, and promoting positive localization in the face of daunting environmental challenges.

Find the book soon at Nicola’s Bookstore in Ann Arbor, or it is currently available online here.


House Greening

Listen here:[audio:http://archive.org/download/hotinhere/wcbn-2012-02-06-120001-EST.mp3]

(Fast forward through the first 10 seconds or so to get to start of show!)

Matt Grocoff and Joe Trumpey are were the HOUSE today! Co-hosts Rebecca Hardin and Laura Smith conversed with Matt and Joe throughout the hour about their amazing homes in the Ann Arbor area.

Joe Trumpey, a professor in the School of Art & Design and the School of Natural Resources, built his off-grid home by hand. It is a mixture of strawbale construction and stunning natural materials – surrounded by 40 acres of forests and pastures of cattle, a flock of sheep, and a solar panel that follows the sun. See this Michigan Daily feature on Joe’s Pad.

Matt Grocoff, a net energy home consultant and lecturer, has a green renovated home on Ann Arbor’s west side. Named one of USA Today’s Seven Best Green Houses of 2010, the Mission Zero House is America’s oldest and Michigan’s first net-zero energy home – meaning the home produces more than its owners consume. Check out his awesome websites at…



2012 ReSkilling Festival Preview

Listen Here:[audio:http://archive.org/download/hotinhere/wcbn-2012-01-23-120001-EST.mp3]
(Fast forward through the first 10 seconds or so to get to start of show!)

Dying to learn how to preserve food, keep bees, meditate or craft string from bark????? Please join us on the radio today as we highlight the 6th Ann Arbor ReSkilling Festival with organizer Rebecca Streng. Also in the studio is the fabulous Nate Ayers, a local permaculturist and educator.



Groundcover News and Uganda


January 9th show with Susan, Rissa, and Marquise of Ann Arbor’s Groundcover News!

Later, an interview with Jennifer about her research in Uganda.

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