Future of the Localization Seminar

Some news for my comrades in the School of Natural Resources, University of Michigan:

Walking back from the radio station after our fab interview with Thom Princen, I asked him about the future of the “localization” seminar he’s currently running with Ray De Young and Jim Crofoot. He said they’re contemplating turning it into a regular affair, either as a Master’s project seminar (as it currently is) or as straight seminar.

As a Master’s project, it would be the only project I would be tempted to do instead of a thesis. As a regular seminar, it would be by far the course I would most regret having missed during my time at SNRE/U Mich.

So everybody should email him and the other teachers and encourage them to make it a part of the regularly scheduled programming. As he pointed out, it’s probably the only course of it’s kind in the country. It’s sooooo of it’s time.

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