Tyee Internship Application


The Tyee is a fabulous online newspaper doing regional investigative journalism in British Columbia. They’ve only been around for a few years, but while the crisis has come on to local news reporting The Tyee has managed to go from strength to strength, racking up readership and heavy-duty awards. I’ve been a subscriber since 2006, and I’ve discovered that they’re looking to hire a crop of interns for the fall.

In addition to top-flight news writing, they also have an on-again off-again podcast series that I’ve enjoyed whilst cooking dinner in various places in Canada and the US. It seems to me that they should acquire an intern to build on that wonderful experiment, and it seems to me that intern should be me.

Hence I am today submitting my application package, including the audio above, which is composed of two segments:

1: Tamara Herman on the Cerro de San Pedro mine 12 minutes

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Tamara Herman is a Victoria-based researcher and activist who has spent months in Mexico investigating social conflict around a mine currently operated by Canadian company NewGold.

I interviewed Tamara for the purposes of this application, and the interview forms a follow-on to an opinion piece about Canadian mining and the Honduran coup which recently appeared in The Tyee.

A different version of this interview will also probably be broadcast on It’s Hot in Here sometime soon (I’m really really going to make good on my promise of becoming the official Canada Correspondent for the show). Thanks to Randy, Rachelle and Emma at CFUV for ultra-friendly recording support for this piece.

2: Howard French on Chinese Development in Africa 8 minutes

Howard French is author of A Continent for the Taking, a professor at the Columbia School of Journalism, and former Senior Writer for the New York Times.

This is an edit of an It’s Hot in Here interview from November of 2008, which I conducted when Howard was in Ann Arbor to lecture based on his book. We talked about the state of African infrastructure and institutions, the accelerating trajectory of Chinese industrial development on the continent, and what good and what bad might come of it.

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