Geocology Research

Apr 2012 - ongoing ·
    ecology, modeling, remote sensing, cartography,

An environmental geography consultancy working with enviro and community orgs in Vancouver and the coastal region.

Transboundary Species report maps

May 2010 - released ·

Assembling data and composing maps for a David Suzuki Foundation report on species and habitats which span political jurisdictions.

Data and Analysis Planning for Seabird Bycatch Program

Mar 2010 - complete ·
    ecology, modeling,

Developing data management and an analysis framework for a Canadian Wildlife Service study of seabird bycatch in the salmon gillnet fishery.

Caribou Migration Animation in Google Earth

Aug 2009 - complete ·
    cartography, web,

Importing 25 years of Caribou migration data into Google Earth format, time-linking it and smoothing it for animation.

Map of First Nations Child and Family Services

Mar 2009 - complete ·

A reference map to intuitively convey compiled information about jurisdiction and location of First Nations Family and Child Services on Vancouver Island.

Drylands Emergent Plant Pattern

Dec 2008 - unpublished ·
    remote sensing, ecology, complex systems,

Remote sensing ecohydrological self-organization of southwestern vegetation. My major research for my master’s degree.

It’s Hot in Here

Dec 2008 - going strong ·

WCBN’s environmental talk show. Noon to 1pm alternate Mondays on the FM, streaming and podcast. Listen to the actual sound of environmentalists.

dj Hugonaut

Dec 2008 - archived ·

My music show on WCBN, 2006 to 2008. By many names, but principally as dj Hugonaut.

AVIRIS Flightlines in Google Earth

Jul 2008 - buggy ·
    remote sensing, cartography,

A Google Earth-compatible .kmz file with all the flightline locations for NASA’s AVIRIS hyperspectral sensor, from 2000 to 2006.

Mountain Pine Beats

Jun 2008 - archived ·

In the summer of 2008 I was in Creston BC for a treeplanting contract. CIDO 97.7 let me do a treeplanting-themed radio show.

Bornean Synchrony Model

Apr 2008 - v1.0 ·

Exploring the space/time synchronization of fruit-eating vertebrates with fruiting trees and of fruiting trees with climate signals

Moran’s I in Netlogo

Dec 2007 - complete ·

Demonstrating use of a spatial clustering statistic in the agent-based modeling environment.

Town-based Accent Formation Model

Dec 2007 - v1.1 ·
    modeling, complex systems,

Trying to recreate accent formation and spatial shifting patterns using some basic mechanisms and emergence.

Remote sensing vs. Individual-based ecology

Apr 2007 - complete ·
    remote sensing, ecology, complex systems,

A manifesto for using remote sensing to power individual-based ecology, and a list of reasons why it would (will) be hard.

Schelling Generations

Apr 2007 - v1.0 ·

What if the classic Schelling segregation model included children born of the “reds” and the “blues”?

A Website for the Sea-to-Sky Freenet

Sep 2006 - complete ·

A website for one of the last of the old-time freenets, “providing non-profit computer and internet tools for personal and community development”.

Conifer spectral water measurement

Apr 2005 - published ·
    remote sensing,

What’s the best way to measure water stress in Pinon and Juniper using hyperspectral sensing?

Intermediate Disturbance Hypothesis at Small Scale

Oct 2000 - complete ·

Testing Grime & Connell’s classic diversity hypothesis at an unusually small spatial scale.