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2.4.2013 Art and Environment


1.28.13 Fish, People aka JJ’s Back in Town

Food Summit Recap


(Skip through first part of audio to get to show start!)

We hosted this conversation with Shannon Brines, Jason Frenzel, and Lucas DiGia, organizers of the April 2012 Local Food Summit. How did the summit go? What were the major themes and outcomes this year? Listen in to find out! (Don’t miss some of Lucas’ awesome Rap for Food toward the middle of the show!)

(+ bonus conversation with Matt Grocoff, organizer of the Mission Zero Fest coming up June 9-10, 2012. If you are a green building junkie, be sure to listen to the last 10 minutes of the audio to hear a preview of the fest…)

Bird Geek Show!


Listen Here!

Listen to this bird-tastic episode of “It’s Hot in Here Radio” with special guest Taylor Forrest of the UM Ornithological Society….complete with bird trivia, sound-bites of Michigan birds, and resources to get started with bird-watching!

Environmental Ethics + Religion


Listen Here! (Skip through first part of audio to get to beginning of show…)

NOTE: In this episode, we erroneously reported that Bill McKibben left…this is not true! It was an April Fool’s joke that Laura mistook for truth. Please accept our HUGE apology for a news mistake of this magnitude!

“It’s Hot in Here Radio” charts new territory for the program… Today we ask: what does scripture tell us about environmental stewardship? What are the messages fueling faith-based approaches to environmentalism? Dr. Rolf Bouma joins us in the studio to discuss the intersection of environmental ethics and religion.

Dr. Rolf Bouma is the Pastor for Academic Ministries at the Campus Chapel and directs the Center for Faith & Scholarship, a Christian study center at the University of Michigan.  He received his Ph.D. from Boston University in the field of Systematic Theology. In addition to thesis work on biotechnology and a theology of nature, he also has been extensively involved in science and religion dialogue.  Rolf teaches environmental ethics and environmental values/public policy as part of the University of Michigan’s Program in the Environment. He has taught theology at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Rolf also holds M.Div. and Th.M. degrees from Calvin Theological Seminary and has served congregations in Grand Rapids (Eastern Avenue CRC) and Boston (Hope CRC, Framingham, MA). He also obtained a J.D. degree from the University of Michigan Law School (1982).

Journalism and Environment

Listen Here!

why is the news so depressing?

can we trust the media to accurately report on environmental affairs?

what will/should the future of environmental news + journalism be?

Join Kat Superfisky (SNRE) + special guest co-host Phil D’Anieri (famous NPR and PitE legend),

along with special guest Dave Askins (from The Ann Arbor Chronicle)

as they yap all about “Environmental News + Journalism.”

The Localization Reader: Adapting to the Coming Downshift



(Scroll past the first 1:30 to get to beginning of show)

Join us for this in-depth preview of the recently released book: “The Localization Reader: Adapting to the Coming Downshift.” Dr. Raymond De Young, co-editor of and contributor to the book, joined us in the studio to chat about the book’s content and process.

Raymond De Young is an Associate Professor in the School Natural Resources + Environment. His work in the Environmental Psychology lab centers around questions of motivating environmental stewardship, maintaining human well-being, and promoting positive localization in the face of daunting environmental challenges.

Find the book soon at Nicola’s Bookstore in Ann Arbor, or it is currently available online here.


House Greening

Listen here:[audio:]

(Fast forward through the first 10 seconds or so to get to start of show!)

Matt Grocoff and Joe Trumpey are were the HOUSE today! Co-hosts Rebecca Hardin and Laura Smith conversed with Matt and Joe throughout the hour about their amazing homes in the Ann Arbor area.

Joe Trumpey, a professor in the School of Art & Design and the School of Natural Resources, built his off-grid home by hand. It is a mixture of strawbale construction and stunning natural materials – surrounded by 40 acres of forests and pastures of cattle, a flock of sheep, and a solar panel that follows the sun. See this Michigan Daily feature on Joe’s Pad.

Matt Grocoff, a net energy home consultant and lecturer, has a green renovated home on Ann Arbor’s west side. Named one of USA Today’s Seven Best Green Houses of 2010, the Mission Zero House is America’s oldest and Michigan’s first net-zero energy home – meaning the home produces more than its owners consume. Check out his awesome websites at…


2012 ReSkilling Festival Preview

Listen Here:[audio:]
(Fast forward through the first 10 seconds or so to get to start of show!)

Dying to learn how to preserve food, keep bees, meditate or craft string from bark????? Please join us on the radio today as we highlight the 6th Ann Arbor ReSkilling Festival with organizer Rebecca Streng. Also in the studio is the fabulous Nate Ayers, a local permaculturist and educator.


Groundcover News and Uganda


January 9th show with Susan, Rissa, and Marquise of Ann Arbor’s Groundcover News!

Later, an interview with Jennifer about her research in Uganda.

Consumption, Hoarding, Tight-wad Show

Listen Here:[audio:] (Show starts 2 minutes at 35 seconds into the recording!)

Consumption is necessary for survival but also produces negative consequences for human health, society, and the environment. Research across domains (addiction, obesity, debt, consumer behavior, material waste, hoarding) finds overlapping biological and psychological bases for consumption-related phenomena, suggesting the benefits of an interdisciplinary approach. Our guests Scott Rick and Stephanie Preston joined us  in the studio right before the holidays to unpack these themes of societal consumption.

Scott Rick is an Assistant Professor in Marketing at the University of Michigan, with a Ph.D. in Behavioral Decision Research from Carnegie Mellon. He has written papers with such provocative themes as “Fatal (Fiscal) Attraction; Spendthrifts and Tightwads in Marriage.”

Stephanie Preston is an Assistant Professor in Psychology at the University of Michigan, with a focus on cognition and cognitive neuroscience. Her laboratory uses an interdisciplinary approach to study the interface between emotion and decision making.  They work to determine the proximate (what the brain and body are doing) and ultimate (why they exist, how they evolved) bases of the complex behaviors.

Co-hosts Rebecca Hardin and Kat Superfisky take us through another great hour of environmental radio — with some smashing tunes from Madonna to Erykah Badu!

Poverty and Sustainability: Lessons from (and in) Detroit

Listen Here (Fast forward through the first minute until you get to start of the show!)

Delray is one of Detroit’s most impoverished neighborhoods. It is a long-time victim to city planning efforts, sits in the most polluted zip code in the state of Michigan, and is the future home of the bridge plaza for the proposed International Trade Crossing to Canada – that is all to say, it is a HOT-BED for environmental injustice. Listen in Monday, December 5th, as Urban Planning Professor Larissa Larsen joins us in the studio to discuss the muddy terrain of urban sustainability in Delray. We will also have recent UM grad Chris Detjen in the studio to share his experiences living in Detroit and working on sustainability issues. The whole radio hour is  punctuated by some catchy Detroit tunes. Do tune in!

Turkeys, Travel and Teleportation


(scroll through the first minute and 25 seconds until you get to the show start!)

Just in time for the mass exodus from Ann Arbor, SNRE’s own Shelie Miller, a specialist in life cycle assessment and energy, will share insights on sustainable transit.  Beyond the typical modes, we hope she will entertain our questioning of teleportation as surely the MOST sustainable transit form! 😉  Turkey man and local farmer John Harois will be in the studio to tell us about his magnificent birds. We’ll hear why Kat’s dad drives afar for these delectable pavos. And we also found a turkey slayer to call in with the gruesome details. It IS hot in here!

Environment, Information, and Sustainable Development: the Africa-Asia Nexus


From oil wars to heroic computer geeks to strapping GPS devices on cows…

Join us for this interview with recently hired faculty in the cluster for research and teaching on “Environment, Information, and Sustainable Development:  the Africa-Asia Nexus.”  Joyojeet Pal is assistant professor at the School of Information, Omolade Adunbi is assistant prof in the Department of African and African-American Studies, and Bilal Butt is in SNRE.  Host Rebecca Hardin will talk with them about the view of these issues from their homes and field sites in India, Kenya, and Nigeria.

Talkin’ GMO’s with Jeffrey Smith



Wondering about all this hype and controversy around GMO’s? “It’s Hot in Here Radio” presents an hour of GMO talk, punctuated with some catchy tunes, including, yes, a rap song about GMO’s.

Millions of people speak out against the spread of Monsanto’s biotech food, but what is the science actually saying about the safety of Genetically Modified Organisms? Local activists Karen and Francis preview “World Food Day” coming up this weekend, October 15th, 5-9pm at the Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market — where the talk and activism will be centered around education about the harmful effects of GMO’s. Also in this radio hour, hear exceprts from a pre-recorded interview with Jeffrey Smith, a bestselling author who is leading the charge to warn the public.

UM Campus Sustainability Variety Show


Sick of environmental talk being so gloomy-n-doomy? Wish you knew more about what sustainability-related initiatives and events were happening on U-M’s campus? Been hankering for some great tunes about Mother Earth? Welp, then WCBN 88.3FM has the answer for you!

Co-hosts Kat Superfisky and Laura “Smitty” Smith bring you the “U’M Sustainability Variety Hour”!

Not all environmental talk needs to be depressing! listen in on this informative and inspirational segment about sustainability happening right here on U-M’s campus…from the top down AND bottom up!

Special guests include: Student Sustainability Initiative, Environmental Issues Commission, Graham Scholars, TEDxArb folks, and real students taking real sustainability courses!

Homegrown Festival Preview


The righteous Laura Miesler joined us in the studio to chat about the upcoming, also righteous, Homegrown Festival(!) Listen to that conversation here…along with some great tunes by bands that will be at the festival. How can you listen and not get pumped about this event? Additionally in this episode: learn what to do when vehicles vacate city streets, and why Brazil nuts are so dang good for you.

SELMA Cafe, Farmer Fund, 20 in 20, Tilian, and more!

Audio Part 1[audio:]
Audio Part 2[audio:]

Well first at the start of the show we tried (epic fail) to talk to Scott Brines about the proposed new bridge / international crossing that would have landings in the Delray community of Detroit and Windsor. Scott is a Delray resident and a board member for the Southwest Detroit Community Benefits Coalition. Due to technical difficulties with the studio setup this phone interview had to be delayed until the end of the show so you can find it at the last few minutes of the Part 1 and first minutes of Part 2. When reached Scott was able to clarify that this new bridge would be built as a public/private partnership and that the community of Delray is not necessarily opposed to this development, especially if certain “green” design elements are taken into consideration. The community has often felt forgotten, having some of the worst air quality in Detroit and state (if not country), and in some ways sees the proposed bridge development as an opportunity to start having things done the right way as long as their voices and concerns are heeded. This community will actually be presenting in front of the state legislature this Wednesday 6/15. If you would like to show your support at that event or any other related event you can call (313) 842-1961 or find details here and here.

The bulk of the hour we spoke in the studio with Jeff McCabe covering everything from SELMA Cafe, 10% Washtenaw, the emerging Farmer Fund in partnership with University Bank, the upcoming effort to build 20 Hoop(houses) in 20 Days (sign up to help here!), Tilian Farm Development Center, and visions for the future. Come out and help build a hoophouse in the coming weeks!

May 23: Change. Chicken. Curiosity. Clean Air.


Join us this week as we check-in and chat change with Kat Superfisky in Brooklyn, John Harnois on his farm in Whitmore Lake, Emily Plews in Columbus, and Michelle Martinez in Detroit! Bam!

Lessons Learned

  • The Big Apple is Green, and Superfisky is basically famous.
  • The brand spankin’ new Ann Arbor Wednesday Night Market opens June 1st (4:30-8:30PM) in Kerrytown and the West Side Farmers Market opens Thursday June 2nd (3-7PM!) in the parking lot of Zingerman’s Roadhouse! will have music and other delicious things. Mark your calendars to ‘shop on by’ and say hi to everyone’s favorite fowl farmer John Harnois of Harnois Farms and IHIH’s own green thumb Shannon Brines of Brines Farm!
  • Appreciative Inquiry is comin’s outta Case Western University in Cleveland. Neat.
  • Get your third I/eye on, says Emily Plews. Curiosity and re-flect/flexion make all kinds of new things possible. Try it, you’ll like it.
  • Particulates (including PM2.5) blow more than just your nose.  Get more info here and sign THIS PETITION in support of the EPA’s strong air-toxics standard.  Thank you Michelle and to the Sierra Club for working to keep the air we breath from contributing to our premature death(s).   Air. For your health!

    (and "for your wine")

Stay curious all, and go turn the world on with your smile!

May 16th: A Conversation with Michelle Martinez of the Sierra Club


The Sierra Club‘s not just about birds anymore.

Join us, as we talk fish, hair, toxics, green jobs, energy, environmental justice and more with Michelle Martinez, former UM School of Natural Resources and Environment M.S. student and current organizer with the Sierra Club.

Michelle loves fish (and people) – truly a soul sister.

May 9th: Beth Diamond (in the back)

This week we talk Earth Art, Detroit’s Heidleberg Project, liminality, and jam to some stone cold grooves with Beth Diamond.

Beth Diamond

An Actual Diamond (No Blood was Shed during the Cutting and Pasting of this Image)

Beth is a “a landscape theorist, designer and cultural instigator,” Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture at the University of Michigan, and Lead Project Designer for the Heidelberg Project’s Cultural Village in the Black Bottom District of Detroit. Join us, visit Detroit, make some earth art, be provocative!








May 2: Rain, Fish, Prostitution and (of course) Nasal Irrigation


Eco-Mendable Actions: A Conversation with PitE Students


This week on the program, we found some rays of sunshine on a rainy day.  Kadie McShirley and Lindsay, two students from the Program in the Environment, joined us in the studio to share their most recent projects and travels. A degree in sustainability can be challenging — how do they stay positive amidst the barrage of difficult environmental news? Listen!

And as mentioned at the end of the show, help three new farms get started in the Ann Arbor area but participating in the kickstarter campaign Tools to Till Tilian before May 5th. I’m sure we’ll have someone on a future show to tell us all about the Tilian Farm Development Center “farm incubator” project that is just getting launched.

Why do we Waste?


We chatted with UM doctoral student about his year-long experiment to go trash-free. See audio link to show below, and learn about how he managed this experiment, blogged about it, and inspired others in the process! Check out Darshan’s blogsite for his reflections on trash in society.

Energy, Budgets and Birds (Oh My!)


Join us for the debut of IHIH’s newest co-hosts Laura (Lolo Smith) and Kat (Superfly) Superfisky!

Kerry Duggan, Senior Advisor, Legislative Affairs, Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, U.S. Department of Energy joins us to hype the April 21-22nd workshop held in the Michigan League entitled: Revitalizing Innovation in Michigan for Clean Energy Manufacturing Click on the workshop title to register!

Jesse Worker joins us from Flint, MI to chat energy efficiency upgrades and evaluating project performance!

Rachel Chadderdon tells us what’s in season in the Denver region!

And last, but never least, Ashley Lowe gives us some sound advice on managing our personal finances!

A show so hot, you’ll pee your pants.


April 4th Arborama Show


She’s Superfisky, Yeah!


$hare the Love: IHIH Fundrai$er Edition


Get in$pired, pick up the phone and pledge your donation @ 734.763.3500. Or, donate online here!

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Beat the Winter Blues! Come on Get Happy!


Ann Arbor Winter 2011 Reskilling Festival


Want to feel more satisfied in your day-to-day?  Always been curious about home funerals/permaculture/meditation/bread-yogurt-kombucha-making/wild winter medicines/getting your garden going, et al?

Then listen in as we talk skillz, satisfaction and community with a few good folks from the Ann Arbor Winter 2011 Reskilling Festival. The eloquent and ever-lively Laura Smith of AA Reskill/Transition Ann Arbor/UM joins us live from the WCBN studios.  And as if by magic, Jeanne Mackey, founding member of Transition Ann Arbor, and Merilynne Rush of After Death Home Care join us by phone.

Ready to discover your Reskills? (We sure are!) Mark your calendars for this Saturday, February 5th. Consult the Reskilling Festival Schedule. And head on down to the Rudolf Steiner High School, 2230 Pontiac Trail, Ann Arbor, MI, this Saturday, February 5th, ANYTIME from 10-4.

Can’t make it? Not to worry! Visit the AA Reskill blog for details on upcoming Wednesday Reskilling Workshops!


EvoValuation, the Greening of Detroit’s Downtown Synagogue and Some Wise Words from MLK Jr.


Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011


Nourishing Traditions and Lacto Fermentation

[audio:|titles=Ann Arbor Called – Episode 1]

Jeff, David, and Mark interview Francis Farmer about Dr. Weston A. Price, a UM grad who studied healthy traditional people.  We learn about how the microflora in our guts are an integral part of our lifeforms, that we should eat lacto-fermented foods and properly sourced/prepared saturated fat, and more about a diet of sacred foods.

Later in the show we have Tai Chi Corner with Sang Kim and the DojoKitchen, and hear how they can train in a t-shirt during a snowstorm.

For more information:

COP16 Perspectives and NWAEG


Getting Fresh


Noam Kimelman of Get Fresh Detroit joins us in the studio to talk about food access in Detroit and his new initiative to put fresh fruits and vegetables in corner stores all over the city. Then we get a call from Jeff who blogs for mlive in Detroit. It’s a good time.

Hello, Wello


We’re joined in the studio by Cynthia Koenig of Wello, a social venture committed to bringing safe, potable water to the people who need it most.  Guest co-host Emily Plews helps us figure out why gratitude is so healthy and why keeping your mind from wandering keeps you happier.  Plus a call-in from Gina, mystery tunes from DJ Local, a full season of food politics, and an all-around feel-good time – take a listen, why don’t you?

More resources about water from Cynthia: – a quickly-scaling water outlet serving India – for background info on the growing world water crisis

Follow Wello on Twitter: @wellowater

Talkin’ Turkey with John Harnois of Harnois Farms


Listen in and let  John Harnois of Harnois Farms put you in the mood for the most delicious secular holiday of the year – THANKSGIVING!

John hand-raises happy, healthy and sometimes heritage turkeys, chickens, geese and ducks.  Birds so well-lived, you can taste the love.

Thank you to the good folks @ Real Time Farms for the photos (and for keepin’ it real).

Get Fermented with David Klingenberger of The Brinery


Global economic meltdown got you down? Then listen in and let David Klingenberger CFO (Chief Fermentation Officer) of Ann Arbor’s own The Brinery stimulate your inner economy.

After an exxxtraspecial call-in from from America’s Next Top Political Pundit (and hopefully IHIH’s newest political correspondent) Colin Warren, we crunch on turnips, groove on some veggie-themed jams and talk fermentation, local produce, and local business with David – a man who loves pickles even more than we do.

Is all this talk of flavorful, crunchy, organic, local pickled vegetables making your mouth water? Then be sure to check out The Brinery @ the Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market Wednesdays and Saturdays. Your guts will thank you.


the ladies of IHIH

Election Edition: Vote


Failure to vote is not a protest, it’s just lazy.

Tune in to get a sense of the mood in DC – hear from the Michigan League of Conservation Voters on who’s greenest on your ballot – from Emily/Judy about the role of business in sustainability and from who we hope will be America’s next top political pundit Colin Warren.

Voting is sexy.


the IHIH family

October 25 show


Great Lakes, Green Jobs: Environmental Justice, Clean Jobs, and Activism


This just in: the Detroit Incinerator is officially shut down and the Beehive Collective is soon coming to town!

Tune into It’s Hot in Here, Monday from 12-1 on 88.3 WCBN-FM-Ann Arbor, or for our “Great Lakes, Green Jobs: Environmental Justice, Clean Energy, Activism” edition.

Michelle Martinez, SNRE Alum and Cool Cities Project Staff Organizer with the Sierra Club will join us live in the studio to talk clean, green jobs in the Great Lakes Region. Diana Nucera from the Allied Media Project and Ahmina Maxey form the East Michigan Environmental Action Council will joins us on the phone to chat about the Beehive Collective and the recently closed Detroit Incinerator.

Listen closely and you may even score a free pair of tickets to a hot concert near you,

Stay Hot Ann Arbor,

Real Time Farms dot com!


Karl and Cara of join us live in the studio to tell us about all the goings on around supporting real time information regarding local food and farms.

Ten-Ten-Ten and more reasons to celebrate it!


10/10/10 is just under a week away, and if the fact that the day, month, and year are all the same number isn’t enough reason for you to get out of the house, Bill McKibben’s International Day of Action is coming to a town near you.  Almost 6,000 grassroots events to take action against climate change – in 183 countries! – have been registered.

We’re joined in the studio by Monica Patel of the Ecology Center, who is organizing the Ann Arbor 350 event – a rally to build and register 350 raised bed front yard gardens (‘visible edibles’ she calls them).

Kristen Cuhran of Bike Ypsi calls in to tell us about the Fall Ride, also happening this sunday 10/10/10, and her organization that is working to make cycling for fun and transportation just a bit safer on Washtenaw County’s roads.  (like their facebook page to get updates on future events)

Plus great tunes, hairy lobsters, and a cameo by engineer and resident farmer, Shannon Brines.

Appalachia rising


Our friend Rachel Long joins us in studio to tell us about the grassroots efforts working to end mountaintop removal coal mining in Appalachia.

Like a Living Stone


We’re joined by Amy Heath of Living Stones Community, a farm that partners with the Michigan Prisoner Re-entry Initiative to help returning citizens get back on their feet.  We talk about good food and good work and what makes farming so ideal as an occupation.  Listen really closely and you might hear her son Charlie, too.

Music by two musicians, Jessica Ryder and Al Jacquez, who will perform with several other artists at a benefit concert for Living Stones Community this Saturday, Sept 25.

Plus, all-star activist Rachel Long calls in with news about Appalachia Rising, a conference and rally this weekend in DC to stop mountaintop removal in Appalachia.  More from Rachel Long next week, so tune in…

Audio file soon.

Labor Day show


A Labor Day show.

A show about hot things


Gina and Rachel talk paganism, wildfires, Canada vs. USA for the title of environmental hero/villain, and urban transit on this hot, hot afternoon.  We’re joined on the phone line by Rachel Wells of CLEAR Corps, a Detroit nonprofit working to reduce lead exposure in homes, and Emily of  Plus lots of steamy tunes.

For national info about lead exposure:

For info on soil testing in SE Michigan:

To learn about AATA’s master plan and take the survey to give your input!

Thanks to Alex Belhaj for stepping in to engineer while DJ Local Shannon Brines is on a well deserved vacation.

Tar Sands: Not Just for Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Mammals


Petropolis website

Hugh tells us all about the Alberta tar sands, which some say are the second biggest oil reserve in the world after the Saudi oil fields.  We started on the crenellated* fjords of the British Columbia coast, followed the proposed Enbridge oil pipeline through the coastal mountains and ended up in the tar sands.  But not to fear, we didn’t get bogged down (ha HA) in gloom – Hugh told us how local citizens, advocacy groups, and yes, even the US government are all helping to block Enbridge’s progress.

Listen for some eclectic grooves, environmental news, and your weekly vocabulary lesson.

*Crenellated (adj) 1. having battlements, 2. indented; notched

A Travel Themed Show


Gillian Ream, co-founder of Michigan Agritours, joins us in the studio to talk about bikes, beers, and the joys of local agritourism.  Plus What’s in Season (kohlrabi!), Sarah’s Sustainable Choices (planes, trains, or diesel buses?), and a Small Infinity story from Emily Plews.  Vaguely travel-themed, this is a great show to listen to while sitting perfectly still.

How to Stay Cool When You’re So Hot

Audio Part 2[audio:]

Listen in to welcome IHIH’s newest co-hostess Sarah – and stay for summer tunes and sustainable strategies to stay cool when you’re so (darn) hot.

The line up…

first to our nation’s capital….

Brian Lipinski, our Washington Wardrobe, or, DC Downer, tells us how to make a last ditch effort to control U.S. carbon emissions this Congress (and to consider wearing less clothes).

Aviva Glaser, our Sunshine Superwoman,  fills us in on the proven and potential dangers of carcinogens and nano particles in conventional sunscreens (aka try relaxing in the shade).

then onto New Orleans with Louie Armstrong and…

Adam Carver, of the Ross

then back to the studio for…

A tale from the Small Infinity Project with Rachel Chadderdon (drink iced coffee!!)

and finially our newest segment…

Sustainable Choices with Sarah Kempke (make your own ice pops).

Until next week, stay cool Ann Arbor (and the world).

Reunion Radio with the Founders of the

Audio Part 2[audio:]

It’s summer. You’re hot. We’re hot.  And guess what? We’ve missed you!

Join the It’s Hot in Here family LIVE or LATER for an exxxtraspecial IHIH Reunion Edition featuring our very own Emily Plews and Rachel Chadderdon of (!!!)

Listen in for small (but impressive!) infinity stories from former UM School of Natural Resource and Environment students and It’s Hot in Here co-hosts, and correspondents as we find out how to fight the Canadian Tar Sands, figure out the price of pollution on our children’s health in Michigan, locate that big climate bill we thought was comin’ our way, and share our own small infinity success stories!

Special Guests Include:
Hugh Stimson, “the Godfather of It’s Hot in Here,” Aviva Glaser, “the “Toxic Tangent-tress,” Brian Lipinski, “the Decider of Cool”, and Paul Mansoor, “the Mix-Masterpiece.” And as usual Shannon Brines, aka, “DJ Local” and Gina “too hot for tv” Gettum will be holdin’ down the airwaves.

Check out Aviva’s hot of the press report on the costs of pollution on the health of children in Michigan here!
Also check out the Michigan Network for Children’s Environmental Health

Real Time Farms & US Social Forum update


Join Jeffrey Green Bean, Rachel Chadderdon, and DJ Local as they talk with Karl and Cara of Real Time Farms about their recently launched and amazingly fun website that provides real time updates regarding farmers markets near you that are provided by the community – any customers, farmers, and users who want to upload, tag, and share information.

Later in the show we get an update on the rapidly approaching US Social Forum taking place in Detroit in two weeks!

Tai Chi & Westside Farmers Market


Join Jeffrey Green Bean as he talks Tai Chi with the masters from Dojo Kitchen. Then later in the show Jeffrey Green Bean, Rachel Chadderdon, and The Farmer’s Market talk with Corinna Borden Parker, market manager Westside Farmers Market, regarding the seasonal opening of that market which is Thursdays 3pm-7pm in the parking lot of Zingerman’s Roadhouse.

Community Farm of AA & Permaculture Design


Join Jeffrey Green Bean, The Farmer’s Marketer, Rachel Chadderdon, and DJ Local as they interview Paul and Annie of the Community Farm of Ann Arbor, longtime biodynamic CSA farm in the region. Additionally, we talk permaculture with Nate Ayers, of Chiwara Permaculture Design, who has an upcoming permaculture design workshop. Plus, What’s In Season.

Mayoral Candidate Interview 1


Join Jeffrey Green Bean, Rachel Chadderdon, and DJ Local as they interview Steve Bean, independent mayoral candidate in the City of Ann Arbor. What’s In Season and events are discussed as well.

All Summer it will be It’s Hot In ARBORama! Today: Greenways


For the summer, your alternating Monday’s at Noon public affairs shows on WCBN, Arborama & It’s Hot In Here, will be joining forces. Perhaps it should be called It’s Hot In Arborama. Either way, it will be great and led by the familiar voices of both shows and will include some of the regular segments you are use to.

So without further ado, please join Jeffrey Green Bean and The Farmer’s Marketer as they interview Margaret Wong regarding greenway ideas for Ann Arbor. As well as discussing other things that are up.

watch your step


Tom Princen, SNRE Professor, joined us in the studio to discuss his new book Treading Softly: Paths to Ecological Order. Listen as Tom and Paul Mansoor get dramatic, Aviva goes on a nano-Toxic Tangent, and Rachel takes a walk on the wild side for What’s in Season.  Plus environmental news and some sweet tunes.

Treading Softly: Paths to Ecological Order is available at local bookstores, on Amazon, and directly from the publisher, MIT Press.

Builders Apprentice: A Conversation with Dr. Andrew J. Hoffman


Peace and the Planetary Payoff


We’ve got a HOT show lined up for ya’ll We’ll be rockin’ and talkin’ at the peace/planet interface with some rockin’ students from Armistice ‘Zine!! It’s also WCBN’s annual FUNdraiser, call give us your money and get HOTTTT WCBN swag! Call in you rpledges @ 734.763.3500 $15 bones gets you a FREE WCBN Pint Glass, OR a WCBN music compilation!

Staycation Special


Start your week off on the ‘good foot.’ Tune in and join your friends at It’s Hot in Here, UM’s own environmental ‘infotainment’ for our first ever Staycation Special!

We’ll talk legislation, change and local staycation destinations/ideas with Kerry Duggan of the Michigan League of Conservation Voters and Jesse Worker… of Clean Water Action. Brett Levy and his guitar will heat up the airwaves with inspired climaterock and as always you can count on a few thematic grooves to really make you move.

TAKE ACTION this Staycation

Call Your Senators and ask them to Pass a COMPREHENSIVE Energy Bill! Contact Info: Here, Talking Points: Here

Join Clean Water Action, 1Sky, Repower America, et al. this Tuesday-Thurs in the evening, calling friendly folks to encourage them to call their Senators to support a COMPREHENSIVE Energy Bill! Events are being held ALL OVER THE COUNTRY, so find your local chapter and volunteer!

TAKE A LISTEN this Staycation

Detroit Metro Times BLOWOUT: 200 Local Bands Rock Hamtramck, March 3-6th

Check out Brett Levy and his band Momenta @ Sava’s on State, Thursday, March 11th @ 9 PM.



Join us for an hour of LOVE [Ideas we love, songs we love, food we love, people we love]. Dear friend Kerry Duggan of the Michigan League of Conservation Voters gives us her “political week in review” and Emily Plews tells us how to put the compassion back in commerce!

As always, we’ll be servin’ up our weekly Toxic Tangent, What’s in Season and Fish Ain’t Biting!

Listen and Love.

Science, Species, Scandal: Corn-O-Nation


Results from a study conducted by UM graduate students linking recent increases in ethanol production to past and future loss of prairie grasslands and wildlife populations graced the national news in January and generated considerable backlash from industry groups, including the Renewable Fuels Association.

Join us this week on It’s Hot in Here as we talk science, species and scandal with two of the study’s co-authors Becca Brooke and Aviva Glasser.

As always, we promise all the environmental news, eclectic grooves, and comical commentary you need to start your week of green!

Special thanks to engineer/unintentional DJ Shannon Brines on this (and every) episode.

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Environmental Justice in a Changing Climate


Join us for a special tribute to the good Doctor Martin Luther King Jr.

Featuring LIVE MUSIC from Matt & Jen 2010

Ekta Kothari from Project Survival Media joins us to chat about her fantastic documentary work at the Copenhagen Climate talks featured here on the Huffington Post.

Carrie Rheingans from UM’s School of Public Health and School of Social Work updates us on UM’s Haiti Relief Efforts.  For more info, join the email list in the UM Directory; [email protected]; also check out the blog at, or follow UMHaitiRelief on twitter.

Professor Extraordinaire Dr. Dorecta Taylor joins us to talk about her new book The Environment and the People in American Cities: 1600s-1900s. Professor Taylor will be discussing and signing copies of her book at the Borders in Ann Arbor (State&Liberty) on January 29 at 7pm.

Don’t Drop the Ball on Mother Earth: The Future is in Your Hands


Solstice Shakedown: Give Presence for Presents!


Make the most of the shortest day of the year with your friends at It’s Hot in Here!

Emily Joyce Plews makes it exxxtra hot in the WCBN studios, our Washington correspondent Brian Lipinski gives us a less gloomy run down on Copenhagen, we talk seven fish, oranges, how to green your holidays and give a run down on the top environmental stories of the year. Listen closely? Can you catch this week’s FCC violation?

Happy Holidays and take time to make the most of the “naughties” before they expire….

Grappling with the Gobies: The Tortuous Tale of a Great Lakes Invader


Join us this week on It’s Hot in Here for a lively conversation and LIVE music with SNRE’s own David Jude. Dr Jude discovered the round goby in 1990 and has dedicated his career to understanding the introduction and impacts of this and other pernicious Great Lakes aquatic invaders.

We’ll also give a pre-Copenhagen pep talk, serve up our weekly side dishes and lay down some titillating tunes to start your week off green.

Off the Hook?


This week IHIH talks turkey [and fish] with Dr. James Diana, Professor @ SNRE and Director of Michigan Sea Grant. Listen in to catch the latest news, reel in the skinny on sustainable seafood and hear the hottest musical hooks of the thanksgiving season.


Fowl Bush

Eat Well Guide
Aquaculture example in Milwaukee, WI

Motor City Mentoring


Listen up ya’ll,

Tune into It’s Hot in Here, (Ann Arbor’s own biweekly dose of environmental news, eclectic grooves and exxxpertise for the sustainable set) for a conversation with Ahmina Maxey and Rocio Valerio of the East Michigan Environmental Action Council. Hear about their fantastic Motor City Mentoring, Clean Air Programs and details on the upcoming US Social Forum in Detroit in 2010 today from 12-1.

Also Today:
Updates on the Senate version of the Climate Bill with Jesse Worker
Your sustainable fish of the week with Gina G
What’s in Season with Rachel Chadderdon
Paul Explains the Smart Grid with Paul Mansoor
What’s up with Salvage Logging? with George Bekris



East Michigan Environmental Action Council –
Alliance for Healthy Air campaign –
United States Social Forum –

Inside BoothRocio Laughing
Ahmina and Rachel


East Michigan Environmental Action Council –
Alliance for Healthy Air campaign –
United States Social Forum –

Green Halloween!




A Greener UM


Join us Monday, October 12 from noon to 1.

A Greener UM: Students Lead the Way To Sustainability

With special guests from the U of M Student Sustainability Initiative and call-ins from Brian Lipinski and Jesse Worker


We are the World: Rock on to a Better Tomorrow



Back to School: Education Can Save Mountains



Get Off the Coal Train


HIH 831

Check out: Climate Ground Zero

Coal WAS West Virginia, courtesy of the Sierra Club

Hot in Here Featured on It’s Getting Hot in

We’re famous.

Check out the blog post. Here.

This just in: Action Footage from Day Five of the WV Mountaintop Tree Sit

Watch the video here

Action is the Word 8-17



IN and Out on Geoengineering
IN: From the New York Times, “The Earth is Warming? Adjust the Thermostat” by John Tierney:

Out: From the Atlantic, “Re-Engineering the Earth” by Graeme Wood:

Toxic Tangent: What’s in Your Sunscreen?

The New Sound of It’s Hot in Here



In Michigan? Come Rally for Clean Energy Jobs in MI

CleanEnergyJobsFlyer copy

7/20 GreenEducation



Join us this week for an auditory tour through the collegiate halls of sustainability with special guest Mark Rabinsky, Director of Sustainability for Michigan’s own Jackson Community College.

Check out UM’s Initiatives or take your own Sustainability, Live it Love it

Also servin’ up our weekly green side dishes:

What’s in Season with Rachel Chadderdon: Stone Fruits!
Toxic Tangent with Aviva Glaser: Pesticide Free Schools!
Fish Ain’t Biting with GG: Take a pass on seabass – try Pacific Cod instead!

7/6 Eat Your [Local] Heart Out


Summer is a sizzlin’ on Hot in Here. Join us today for a culinary cruise from garden to grill with local food exxxpert Rachel Chadderdon. We’ll be dishin’ out foodie grooves to stoke your appetite and legislative news to whet your whistle. Stow your luggage, grab your sea legs and come get Hot in Here.


The House Goes Green and So Can You!



Trading Off: Carbon, Ca$h and Clean Development [?]


SNRE’s own recently minted M.S. and MBA Devon Treece schools us on the history and future of carbon trading.

From factories in the Rust Belt to forests in the Amazon, from acid rain to potential global gain we learn how we got where are and contemplate where we need to be.

Music = a Caribbean twist on American soul.

As always, with exxxtra special guests (so special, we’re not even sure they can make it)! keeps us up to date as usual, like telling us who in congress to contact regarding Clean Energy.

Carbon Caps = Hard Hats

“Clean” Coal or Canary in the Bread Line?



Exxxtra special Earth Week Edition: It’s Hot in Here.

This week we get real drrrty with “clean coal.” From the scene (i.e., mostly the bar) of last week’s Proposed Bay City Coal Plant hearing, we take you on a carbon filled journey through time and space. Interviews recorded from the hearing as well as live interviews with some State of Michigan Sierra Club folks, and an activist from coal extraction state West Virginia.

Joining us in the studio again is class act[ivist] Andrew Munn.

News coverage of the hearing.

Take Action: or

Union brothers and sisters (co-hosts are part of the GEO and LEO unions)… rest assured we are in favor of jobs, but we want them to be stable, long-term, sustainable jobs… like these skilled trades millwrights, carpenters, electricians, quality assurance managers, plant managers, customer care, and engineers jobs coming to Michigan at a wind turbine factory.

Also, check out the state sponsored conference on May 11th Green Today, Jobs Tomorrow.

By the end of the show we decided to stop using the word clean in front of coal, even in quotes, as campaign suggests.

You Down With ATC?


Appropriate Technology Collaborative (ATC) joins us in the studio… More specifically, we are joined by John Barrie (the Executive Director), Ben Connor Barrie (Special Projects Manager aka “Special Ops”), and Jeff Tenza (volunteer engineer). ATC is a non-profit organization based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan whose purpose is “To design, develop, demonstrate and distribute appropriate technological solutions for meeting the basic human needs of low income people in the developing world.” We hear about their operations, their recent trip to Guatemala, and some of their exciting design ideas.

More info:
Appropriate Technology Collaborative (ATC) website
Appropriate Technology Collaborative (ATC) blog
Sustainable Design Update (SDU)
SDU-Ann Arbor


Get on the bus to Bay City Coal Plant protest.
GROCS 09 Exhibition at the Dude(rstadt).

Paradise Drowned: Climate Change Impacts and Adaptations in the Caribbean



Today we take a journey through the Caribbean as we discuss how the region is responding to both long-term and immediate climatic hazards.

Joining us in the studio is Dr. Emma Tompkins, University of Leeds, School of Earth and Environment. She is a prolific author and much research that looks at current societal responses to natural disasters in order to anticipate climate change adaptation. Some of her other interests include: sustainable adaptation to climate change; climate change decision making; scales of governance in enabling and constraining climate change responses; identifying the psychological, social and cultural and economic limits to adaptation.


Ice bridge ruptures in Antarctica, adding to fears that it’s worse than scientists had thought.

Climate is the loser at the G20 meeting, but optimism abound for transforming lemons into a 100% natural and fresh squeezed lemon drink through a so-called “green New Deal.” It’s creative destruction.

Takin’ it to the streets: Coal protests in Bay City, MI.

Small islands are livid, and you would be too if your home was slowly drowning.  The Alliance of Small Island States pleads for action from the world.


Algae sucks.  Trophic cascade due to human overfishing and climate pressures has led to the collapse of our pristine Caribbean reefs.  First the sea urchins reigned, but even they couldn’t compete with the tenacious resiliency of brown algae.  See more detail from the Resilience Alliance.


Don’t eat grouper.  Ever.

Musical Stuff

A digital tour through the bins of long forgotten Caribbean grooves, including Mighty Sparrow, the Professionals, Grupo Ikare…

May I reccommend this fine series of compilations from Numero Group? – pure solid gold jams (and the source of 4 of today’s songs)!

Senegal and Climate Activism


Yes I did.  it's your turn now.

Yes I did. it's your turn now.

The World Needs Liberation: People, Polemics, and Politrixxx


Join us as Gina G, Shannon B and OR Johns heat things up with two exxxtra special guests.

Lisa Anne Richey Associate Professor of Development Studies in the Department of Society and Globalisation (yes,  that’s Globalization with an S) at Roskilde University in Denmark and author of Population Politics and Development: From the Policies to the Clinics schools us on the politics of our “population problem.”

John Perkins, NY Times bestselling author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man and the Secret History of the American Empire heat up the WCBN studios. Gina “J.J” Gettup, Shannon and yours truly will interview the former eminent economic hitman, John Perkins. Get prepared for some incendiary vitriol and lime juice to the eye action.

Butt FirstButt first…

The weekly standards: News roundup, “Thresholds: The Curse of Akkad,” and “Fish Ain’t Bitin’?” (try a delicious Striped Mullet (not just for NASCAR fans anymore)).


Mentioned early on in the show is your portal on the interwebs for getting to know the Ann Arbor area local food community better: includes a calendar that reveals such special events as an Open Space Technology event “Everyone Has To Eat” this Tuesday (6:30pm 1024 Dana Bldg. Central Campus) and “Localizing Agriculture: How Will We Eat on 80% Less Energy” lecture by Dr. Tom Princen on Wednesday (5:30pm 1024 Dana Bldg. Central Campus).

SO! Lock and load. Pull the trigger. Bite the bullet.  And pour some sugar on me.

NAP: Birds and Burnin’… Plus, Green Drinking

We are joined in the studio by two staffers from the City of Ann Arbor’s Natural Area Preservation (NAP) unit: the Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator, Jason Frenzel-Wright, and City Ornithologist, Deaver Armstrong respectively.

But first the news…
Some examples of new manufacturing and business innovation ideas in Michigan: WindTronics 760 wind turbines out of Muskegon, Affordable Green Energy LLC out of Essexville. Plus, our watch continues on the brewing fights over new coal-fired power plants.

And the Sustainable Fish of the Week!

Back talking with our guests we discuss the details of the Natural Area Preservation unit which is a nationally unique city program that employs folks like ornithologists while reaching out to the community to volunteer to help inventory and maintain the ecology of the city’s natural areas. Lean much more and get involved here:

Natural Area Preservation –
Adopt-a-Park –
NAP Blog –

And lots of good links regarding bird volunteering, birds, bird safe-passage, birding, and more:
NAP Volunteering with Bird Inventory
More about fatal light attraction for birds from night lighting:
Video Regarding Light Attraction at the 9/11 Memorial

Finally, some tips via for Drinking Green and/or Green Drinking
How-To Get Wasted and Waste Less

And since we are discussing Green Drinks, check out the Green Drinks mixer this Wednesday at ABC at 7pm and other local food events listed at the Washtenaw Local Food Portal calendar.

It’s Hot (2.725 Kelvin) In Here (Space)

Audio [audio:]

We’re joined this week (about 4 minutes in) by soon-to-be Cosmology doctorate Brian Nord who helps us explore the universe.

Brian Nord: Our Cosmologist in Residence

Brian Nord: Our Cosmologist in Residence

It is also pledge week so consider showing some love (online even) for WCBN!

Space Junk

Space Junk

Butt First

Butt First

A little news:
the EPA is re-thinking a few things like dioxin clean-up ideas….

Then intermixed with our discussions of Space and Cosmology:

The tragedy of our orbital commons: This week’s Thresholds examines all that junk up there in Earth’s orbit.
a Sustainable Fish of the Week…Tilapia (AGAIN!)

a check in with our Washington correspondent Kerry Duggan at the League of Conservation Voters…

and of course some tunes.

Great Lakes Headlines, Coal, Toxic Tangents and more

Audio [audio:]
This week Gina Gettum, Shannon Brines and chemical correspondent Aviva Glaser discuss: environmental news headlines relevant to Michigan and the Great Lakes, lots about coal, a few toxic tangents and more! Un-censored!

You can read more about the Great Lakes round-up of news bits here

Read more about the exciting Power Shift 2009 and Capitol Climate Action here!

Sarah Cwiek (a.k.a. Gwen Hetfield) joined us as a Motown correspondent from the studios of WDET FM in Detroit and brought us greatly up to date on proposed coal plants in Michigan among other things.

DNA and Dogs!@@#$!

Our Washington correspondent Kerry Duggan….view-from-the-newseum

checked in from the nation’s capitol and the League of Conservation Voters. (She mentioned the Coen Brothers “Clean” Coal spoof – see previous post below.) Check out her Great Lakes’tivities.

And a Toxic Tangent regarding bottled water and whatnot:

  • Extinct Bird Found! And then Eaten.
  • Contaminants in Common Brands of Bottled Water:
  • Take Back the Tap! week, pigs in space!
  • The Coen Brothers on Clean Coal

    (Mostly) Ladies Only: News You Can Use, Oscar Reviews, Beaver Sitings and Helpful Hints to Reduce Your GHG Emissions,



    This week Gina Gettum and guest cohost Aviva Glaser [Hot in Here’s own Chemical Correspondent!] pepper news you can use, oscar reviews and stone cold grooves with helpful hints to reduce our own greenhouse gas emissions!

    Butt First
    Butt First

    The News

    Breaking news from our IHIH Style and Celebrity Correspondent Brian Lipinski – the Oscars de-greened themselves , BYO[tote]Bag is the new Vuitton and DeCarprio’s fixin’ to run an ecoresort island in Belize.

    And finally we get down to the lady business…

    Our Washington Correspondent Kerry Duggan takes us from the League of Conservation Voters to Capital Hill for Great Lakes Day.

    Join the Virtual March to Stop Global Warming!

    ‘Til next week, keep it green friends and get up with the Get Down.

    Brix and Bing: Two, Two, Two Guest in One (Show)

    Join us this week as special guests Andrew Brix of the Ann Arbor Energy Office and Jason Bing of the Environmental House Energy & Green Building Research Center get us up to speed on efforts to keep our homes and tree town green and how we can get involved.


    We also had Greg Vendena from the Clean Energy Coalition based in Ypsi join us briefly on the phone (so a trifecta of energy experts as it were).

    But First….


    The News…

    Fish Ain’t Biting? Great Lakes, Great Fish

    • Try out one of Lake Michigan’s own delicious lake whitefish (Coregonus clupeaformis).
    • Check out Great Lakes Whitefish, for more info and recipes so you can fully enjoy this “Best Choice/Good Alternative” great fish.
    Eat me!

    Eat me!


    • This week we look at the 1973 Oil Embargo and its effects on the global economy. The response was dramatic around the world, as our oil junkie veins had a serious bout of petrol withdrawal (c’mon man, front me just one barrel!). Naturally, we draw parallels with the modern day: dwindling supplies and an Obamian (Obaman?) “planet in peril.” Yet to keep it optimistic a discussion of creative destruction.

    Better Living Through Chemicals, Thresholds, Green Jobs, Carp Caviar

    Audio[audio:] From the shores of Easter Island to the ovaries of a spawning carp it’s real Hot in Here. Join us this week for news and global grooves. In-studio guest Aviva Glaser delivers a hot dose of chemical knowledge, OJ debuts his new segment “Thresholds” and our Washington Correspondent Kerry Duggan gives it to us straight on where we find our green economy in the stimulus package:

    League of Conservation Voters - Turning Environmental Values Into National Priorities Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

    Be Informed:

    Yes, we still giggle when we say gonads.  Sorry Moms.  Shout out to all the Mothers!

    IHIH 2-9

    The Human and Ecological Impacts of Climage Change, Mongolia, Lake Victoria, Michigan


    Join us this week for the news (including rethinking carnivorousness), an update from our always fabulous Washington Correspondent Kerry Duggan, and a journey through the nerdery of social-ecological systems theory to the dusty steps of Mongolia, the squishy shores of Lake Victoria and the Great Lakes of Michigan:

    The climate really is a changin’, here in Ann Arbor, we’ve had the most snow [through January 30th] ever recorded… see this pdf for more details.


    • Tsetseg Nuriin Tovoo by Morin Khuur
    • Xux Tobolton by Altan Urag
    • Wetende Mukolwe, Sukuma Bin Ongaro and the Sukuma Band
    • It’s Your World by Gil Scott-Heron
    • Chase the Devil by Max Romeo

    Activist Zo Randriamaro Joins us from Madagascar!


    Human and environmental justice activist  Zo Randriamaro heats up the WCBN Studios with her wisdom, passion and careful thoughts.

    If you are short on time, skip the news recap and head right to Zo at minute 16. You you’ll be happy you did.

    Zo and Gina

    Zo tells us that average temperatures in Madagascar have risen over 1.5 degrees C in the past 50 years.  Deadly cyclones, like this one last week, have increased in number. Addressing climate change should be President Obama’s number one priority. Zo makes a plea that addressing poverty and economic development must go hand in hand with environmental conservation.

    Zo tells it like it is on the role of international financial institutions, the recent land deal in Madagascar leasing 50% of the islands arable land to the South Korean company Deawoo and the current state, and the importance of giving voice to those unable to speak for themselves.

    In four short days President Obama vowed to close Gitmo, follow the Geneva Convention and freeze the salaries of his top officials.  Check out his weekly address here.

    In related news:

    EU Calls for Global Carbon Market.

    Updated 2/2: New York Times: Madagascar Power Grab Fizzles

    Obama Inauguration, US Forest Service, and Talking Trash


    A special Martin Luther King day and pre-inauguration show… We started live with both our It’s Hot In Here co-host Gina Gettum as well as our Washington correspondent Kerry Duggan on the line from Washington DC. They joined us from a League of Conservation Voters sponsored National Day of Service event at John Phillips Sousa junior high school in DC where solar photovoltaics were being installed on the roof among other things. Future Energy Secretary Steven Chu was even onsite and our intrepid remote reporters were going to try and talk with him offline and report back on future shows. Gina and Kerry told us additionally of the pre-inaugural festivities they’ve already attended on Sunday as well as all the energy surrounding the main event tomorrow where apparently over 4 million people are expected to flood into DC.

    Our other remote correspondent Hugh was going to provide a perspective from Canada regarding the US changing of the guard, but was unable to join us, so we’ll check in with him at a future date.

    We talked next with Lara Peterson who normally hails from inside the beltway where she serves as the Coordinator for the Russia, Europe and Near Asia Program within the International Programs of the United States Forest Service. She gave us some perspective from inside a federal agency during a transition from one administration to another, and told us all about the USFS International Programs.

    Finally, switching gears, we spent the last 15 minutes talking trash with Tiffany Threadgould from Brooklyn, New York. Tiffany told us all about the history and motivation behind her business RePlayGround: “where discarded materials take on new life!” With way more energy than your average person would have discussing garbage, Tiffany told us all about her mission to re-brand garbage, giving examples of her products and designs – including a refocus room divider that she described made out of 1000 used film canisters. Her website also details various do-it-yourself (DIY) projects and how RePlayGround likes to support other organizations that share similar beliefs. You can get a sense of those core values by reading the RePlayGround Blog and the FAQ page… who doesn’t love FAQs… my favorite part from the FAQ page:

    Q: What will you do when there’s no more waste in the world? Like when we reduce our waste to 0%?
    A: We’ll be very happy people when that happens. Perhaps we’ll catch up on movies on a low-energy flat screen LCD. Or we’ll ride our bikes more. Cook more with locally raised food. Drink more organic wine. In the meantime, there’s a lot of scrap out there for us to tackle.

    Happy Martin Luther King Day!

    Enjoy the Music Playlist for 19 Jan 2009, with a couple of extra songs we didn’t get to of course.

    Dioxane 1,4: Coming to Goundwater Near You.

    In 1984, a UM SPH student just happened to discover abnormal concentrations of a known carcinogen, 1,4-Dioxane, in the Third Sister Lake in UM’s Saginaw Forest (just west of Ann Arbor).  This prompted subsequent discovery of dioxane in the area’s groundwater at various levels from the surface all the way down to bedrock, some places more than 200 feet deep.

    1,4-Dioxane is an industrial solvent and stabilizer that is fully miscible in water.  It doesn’t adhere to soils like many other industrial pollutants, but goes whereever water goes.

    For 20 years, from 1966 to 1986, Gelman, Sciences Inc (now Pall Life Sciences) used a reported 800,000 pound of dioxane manufacturing high tech filters and allowed an unknown amount of the toxic substance to get into groundwater surrounding their property on Wagner Road.

    Multiple lawsuits, cleanup efforts and backroom deals later, several plumes of the stuff still continue to exist, with the major ones moving at about one foot per day through Ann Arbor towards the Huron River and maybe even Barton Pond (where Ann Arbor gets 80% of its water for 150,000 people in the area.).
    Listen for an in-depth discussion of past and future of the clean water struggle and remediation efforts with Roger Rayle, Co-Chair of Scio Residents for Safe Water.  Roger has dedicated 15 years of his life to addressing this problem, making AMAZING maps of the plumes, and protecting our water!

    Check out their Google Group for more detailed maps and info.

    Who was that anonymous caller?

    Eco-Resolution Week!

    Audio [audio:]

    Please share your eco-resolutions below in the comments! AND if you have a name for a person who eats meat once a week, post that too!

    In the audio above which starts a couple minutes in we had the news, food news, and eco-resolutions for the new year discussions including 10 easy ways to go green in the kitchen and some suggestions from callers and over the interwebs.

    COAL is NEVER CLEAN: Sign Here to tell your Congressfolk to ban new coal plants and to invest in genuinely, CLEAN, RENEWABLE energy technology.

    Promised links to the following are forthcoming:

    • Rep. Conryn Drill Baby Drill news.

    Music playlist coming soon.

    News, Homeless Dave, and 2008 Top Ten List

    Audio [audio:]

    We had our usual news roundup… but we had a not so usual special guest in the studio with us the whole time: Homeless Dave. Dave shared with us: the premise for his blog Teeter Talk (voted best local blog 3 years in a row by readers of the Current), what’s up with his nickname, his bicycle delivery and hauling business, and his pedal-powered clothes washing/wringing, among other things!!! You may know Homeless Dave under his shall we say pen name Dave Askins… you can see some of his local reporting, photography, and illustrations at a new local news source called The Ann Arbor Chronicle which he helped his wife Mary Morgan start recently.

    We had a weather, power outage, and climate discussion. Link to hand-crank/solar radios. Link to University of Michigan professor Ricky Rood’s Weather Underground blog and his recent climate post.

    Towards the end we shared a 2008 Top Ten List from Since everyone loves Top Ten Lists here’s another one: top ten green stories from 2008 from

    Music playlist:
    Winter Song by Sara Bareilles with Ingrid Michaelson
    Worrisome Heart by Melody Gardot
    Big Jim Hawkins by Great Lakes Myth Society of Ann Arbor, Michigan
    See and Be Scene by The Hard Lessons of Detroit, Michigan
    Gotta Be Somewhere by Johnny Headband of Detroit, Michigan

    Pre-Holiday News Leftovers, plus Clean Energy Coalition

    Audio [audio:]

    We were a little late getting started, so about 7 minutes into this podcast… We had a lengthy news roundup of lots of news bits and pieces. Included is some discussion of the current EPA and forthcoming EPA, Climate Change talks in the EU, and a brief chat with Greg Vendena over at the Clean Energy Coalition based in Ypsi.

    We bid Hugh a fond farewell as an in-studio CoHost but he promises to join us as a remote correspondent… from wherever that may be.

    News and Local Shopping at the Farmers Market

    Audio [audio:]

    We had our general news roundup plus special guest Molly Notarianni with us in the studio. Molly is the manager of the Ann Arbor Farmers Market and spoke of the environmental benefits of shopping locally at a farmers market among other things.

    Shannon Brines, aka, aka Brines Farm, aka Dj Local joined the show for his first stint as full Senior CoHost in charge of Environmental Talk Radio and Farming. Always smooth, never gritty.

    The Change We Want to See in the World

    Audio: [audio:]

    This week two exxxtra special guests steam up the WCBN studios and serve up expert advice and commentary on the way forward (with a side of delicious grooves).

    UM’s own Andrew J. Hoffman, Holcim Professor of Sustainable Enterprise and Associate Director of the Erb Institute for Global Sustinable Enterprise, lends his wisdom on the possibilities unfurling at the confluence of humans our economies and our environments.


    Kerry Duggan, IHIH’s own Washington Correspondant/Campaigns Project Manager @ the League of Conservation Voters, fills us in on what we planet lovers want (and need) from President Elect Obama and turns us on to the 2008 Environmental Facebook.

    Sean Ledwin on Shrimps and Shrimping

    Audio: [audio:]

    This week, Sean Ledwin of the University of Michigan’s School of Natural Resources and Environment joined us to share insights about shrimps, shrimping, and the ups and downs of environmental certification programs.

    Remember, get your greens locally, and triumph in the face of diversity.

    But first a word from our sponsors.

    This week’s playlist:

    Hot in Here 11-24

    Congo, Coal and Other “News”

    Audio: [audio:]

    Listen in this week for exxxtra special guest Dan Fahey from UC Berkeley, expert on resources and conflict in the Great Lakes Region of Africa. Future Dr. Fahey schools us on why our cellphones and i(solationist)pods are fueling violence in the ‘Democratic’ Republic of the Congo. Also, a new ‘Eco-Warrior’ segment and more from Vijay Vaitheeswaran of the Economist on carbon offsets.

    Goloco: What’s not to love?

    Joseph Romm and Howard French


    We’re not saying there wasn’t any environmental news to report this week, we’re just saying we had too many smart people to talk to to get around to it. Specifically:

    • Joseph Romm, author of many books on climate change and other topics of energy and the environment, Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress and former Assistant Secretary for Energy. He maintains an excellent blog on energy issues at Go there now, you can read and listen at the same time.We asked Joe what exactly offsets, cap and trade, and renewable energy credits are, what they do and what they don’t do. His message: don’t count on ’em.
    • Howard French, professor of journalism at Columbia, former senior writer for the New York Times and the International Herald Tribune. Howard is author of A Continent for the Taking: the Tragedy and Hope of Africa, and was in town last week to give a talk in the Africa Workshop series. We talked with him about the implications, social and environmental, of the expansion of Chinese industry in Africa.


    IHIH 11-10

    On the Phone with Uganda and the Congressional Campaign

    Audio: [audio:]

    This week:

    • Co-host Gina Gettum made a progress report from Uganda. She told us about the illegality of the only fish which can be eaten, and what it’s like to have dinner in a revolving restaurant with arms dealers while missing your own interview on national TV.
    • We spoke with Gary Peters, congressional candidate for Michigan, who is campaigning with our Washington Correspondent Kerry Duggan of the League of Conservation Voters. Gary is on the last day of the campaign trail, and he easily convinced us to endorse him in the 9th District (for the third time over).

      Kerry and Gary call in from the campaign trail
      Actual photograph of Kerry and Gary calling in from the campaign trail.

    Howard French, former senior writer for the New York Times and author of A Continent for the Taking: The Tragedy and Hope of Africa, suffered a major spatiotemporal-decorrelation event, and we didn’t get him into the studio in time for the show. But we were able to sit down with him later in the day and that interview will be featured on a future episode.

    Next week: Gina makes her triumphant return from Uganda, and we talk with Joseph Romm, Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress and editor for

    Detroit, Michigan

    Audio: [audio:]

    (Apologies for the ragged start, we had a theme-music failure and had to jump into the gap.)

    First, the news:

    This week we talked about Detroit. It wasn’t nearly enough time, but we began to ask the question: what does environmentalism look like in the big and weird city? Thanks to Michelle Martinez from The Greening of Detroit and the Sierra Club, and Kerry Duggan of the League of Conservation Voters, active Detroitist, and Domiana Carter and the crew at Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice. Thanks also to the School of Public Health for helping organize our Toxic Tour field trip.

    With music selections by Rob Linn of WCBN’s From Belle Isle to 8 Mile. Just a few of his cuts, listen to his show Tuesdays at 12 for a whole world of Detroit music:


    (Co-host Gina Gettum is away in Belgium and Uganda this week, fighting to bring more fish stocks up to Sustainable Fish of the Week levels, but we’re hoping to check in with her via telephone next week.)

    Get Your Health On – Healthy Markets, Healthy Foods, Hearty Jams

    Audio: [audio:]

    Listen in for our first ever Get Your Health on edition of IHIH. Rachel Chadderdon, Market Master of the Ypsilanti Farmer’s Market joins us in the WCBN studios for some majorly uplifting updates on her (and other’s) impressive efforts to de-desertify the food desert of Washtenaw County.

    • This just in: Florida AND California are saving money and saving the planet by going green!
    • Which is freakin’ brilliant, given that the autumn temps in the Arctic Region, according to NOAA, are the second highest on record! It is Hot in Here!
    • The credit crunch is especially bad new for wind power.
    • The Union of Concerned Scientists has released their annual Federal Agency Report Card. Rock on NASA and the Nuc Reg Commission for your B’s. Shame on you EPA, NOAA, BLM and the Consumer Product Safety Commission for your D’s! No dessert for you!
    • Bush gives 13 billion to Amtrak via the new railroad-safety law.
    • Next week: Check out the new sustainable sushi guide, but for now know that U.S. Farmed Abalone (awabi), North American Albacore Tuna (shiro maguro) and Farmed Artctic Char (iwana) are excellent choices. STAY AWAY from Bluefin Tuna (toro), Monkfish (ankoh), Red Snapper (tai) and Freshwater Eel (unagi).
    • LVC Releases the 2008 Scorecard! Check out your local reps!! Vote Green!
    • Canada’s sour gas situation explodes, literally

    This week’s musical cuts:

    IHIH 10-20

    Economic Fallout and Evolutionary Hope

    Audio: [audio:]

    While Ann Arbor enjoys near-record highs, and the good folks of Saskatchewan soldier on through heavy snowstorms, what better time to tune in to environmental radio?

    Another strong focus on economic issues this week. Who knew the environment and the economy were linked?

    And some environmental stories whose economic impacts are as-yet unknown:

    And the crime beat:

    Sustainable Fish of the Week: the Atlantic Herring (although we’re currently dubious about the Marine Stewardship Council, so careful with that website.)

    This week’s playlist:

    Next week: A Toxic Tour of Detroit City. Stayed tuned to your environment.

    The Logic of Sufficiency. Enough really is enough.

    Audio: [audio:]

    Out guest this week: Dr. Thomas Princen, winner of the International Studies Association 2007 award for his latest book the The Logic of Sufficiency (2005) – the “best book for the study of international environmental problems.”  Commited to intellectual exporation, historical grounding and active learning, Dr. Princen shares his insights on the need for “localization,” “sufficiency” and “appropriately placed buzzwords.”

    Learn more about Dr. Princen here.

    Pick up The Logic of Sufficiency in Ann Arbor at Shaman Drum, or online used or through Amazon. While there, have a look at his other books… restraint in consumption, not in thinking.

    In other news…

    Something pity to look at, Emptied Oceans, a short from Randy Olson and Shifting Baselines:

    An Individually Transferable Salute to Al Gore

    Audio: [audio:]

    Al Gore’s staid and sober advice:

    Our audio extract: [audio:]

    Full: transcript, audio, video.

    Science Mag on ITQs to save fisheries forever.

    Climate-change driven beetle outbreak driving climate change

    Scientist hear’s the ticking of the methane time bomb.

    African hunger blamed on Western organic trends.

    Canada hopes the US will take it’s eye off the dirty-oil ball.

    Your Candidates, Your Issues

    Audio: [audio:]

    Join us for top enviro headlines, a few musical biscuits and candid, contentious and contentious chat about the upcoming election and your candidate’s stance on important environmental issues.  Special guests and special music guaranteed.

    Vitrually Visit

    And a few non-electoral chasers:

    Peter Schwartz from Global Business Network burning down peak oil

    Peter Schwartz on climate change:

    Stephen Colbert burning down Global Business Network and the arctic generally:

    Musical legend for Obama, some music we didn’t get to:

    Back to School: Environment and Human Health Edition

    We’rrreee back. That’s right folks, Hugo and Gina (minus Gwen, Gwen you are truly missed!) serve up all the environmental news that fit to hear Monday’s from 12-1 PM.

    Audio: [audio:]

    Join us next week for our “Run for President, but Don’t Ruin My Planet” edition of IHIH where we digest and discuss each candidates stance on key environmental issues!

    Two Special Guests, One Exxxtra Special Continent

    Audio: [audio:]

    Join us for groovy jams, news spannin’ the continent, and VERY special guests Rebecca Hardin, Professor of Anthropology and Natural Resources at UM AND our very own Washington correspondent/SNRE success story, Kerry Duggan.

    This just in: WCBN Saves Lives, half of the world’s population are women and people eat food!

    To learn more about the exceptionally eloquent, devastatingly funny, and dangerously toasty Rebecca Hardin and read of her many multi-media-tic, multi-sited, multi-disciplinary endeavors check out her site.

    To stay on top of your Congress-peeps toes, check out for all things environmental and to find out where your Reps get their ca$h.

    A few links to today’s content. Feel free to post any related articles/sweet dance vids YOU may find in the comments section!

    Banjuka (tu) by DNA, blazing up the pool halls and discotheques of E. Africa.

    The Economist calls for radical solutions to the earth’s food crisis.

    The Stern Review

    National Geographic series on Africa. Check it out here and do let us know if it’s in the AskWith:

    Get the freshest news from the Continent @ For enviro specific news head here.

    It got so hot in here today we forgot to announce the sustainable fish of the week, sooo take your pick here.

    Wow, Tuesday was Earthday – it felt just like any other day. Sorry Mother Earth, we really blew it. I hope you weren’t expecting organic flowers or fair trade chocolates. We’ll try harder next year, we promise.

    This is good bye for now to our regularly scheduled time slot, but do check back for irregularly timed shows featuring Gwen, DJ. Who, K. Duggz and the good Dr. Hardin.

    Banjuka (tu) by DNA, blazing up the pool halls and discotheques of E. Africa:

    Fisheries, Food and Freedom Edition

    Dean Bavington, genuine NewFi, fisheries scholar, environmental philosopher and mentor to inquisitive Wolverine FishHeads joins us, adding equal parts brilliance, insight, humility and humor to heat up the HIH studio!

    Audio: [audio:]

    Dean Bavington on It's Hot in Here

    Eating Consciously at Appropriate Trophic Levels, Mussels, Communications Experts, Dean Extraodinarrie, Sustainable Condoms and Greenwash-Bashing Blockbusters

    Audio: [audio:]

    It was exxxtra hot in here today….

    The It’s Hot in Here team, with special guest Kevin Merrill, Communications Director for the School of Natural Resources and Environment, revelled in an SNRE Love-Fest – but don’t worry – we used sustainable protection (for real).

    • Check out the Food Systems Economic Partnership for more details on sustainable foods or those cutting edge sisters of the cloth.
    • Olfactory-licious dogs, not just for drugs anymore
    • (Another) Sustainable Bi-Valve of the week
    • The University of Michigan Rocks (100 dollars please), but seriously, it’s true:
    • Special Guest Kevin Merrill shares his smooth radio voice and astute insight into the necessary nuances of effective communication strategies.
    • SNRE Dean Rosina Bierbaum, Nobel Laureate, Climate Change Expert, and Science advisor to the Stars (a Dean so hot even Alec Baldwin couldn’t get a date) to direct the new World Bank’s World Development Report, the first ever focused on climate and development! Bam! This is a major honor and opportunity for SNRE and the University! (Checks can be sent to It’s Hot in Here @ 2050 When the Polar Ice Caps are Completely Gone, Ann Arbor, MI 4810-HOTT) We’ll keep you updated!
    • Kerry Duggan, our “Washington Correspondent” with in your nation’s capital announces the newest member of the dirrrty dozen.
    • “The Spy who Greened Me” upcoming James Bond film Quantum of Solace features the usual awesomeness and a green-washing villan!!!!

    Join us next week for a very special “classes are over let’s get radical” edition of It’s Hot in Here with SPECIAL GUEST, SNRE’s very own, environmental philosopher Dean Bavington. Warm up with his very own episode on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s show Ideas (a series so good it made Hugo into the brilliant thinker he is today), where Dean discusses the role of science in the rise and fall of the Newfoundland Cod Fishery. Listen here and learn.

    Gettin’ Tased for the Planet, Support for Animal Literacy Now!, the Diiirrrrrty Dozen and a Celebration of the Earth’s Greenest Green

    Audio: [audio:]

    Gina Ginason, Hugh-go “I Rock the Mic’s” Stimson and special guest Alex Sergay overcompensate for Gwen’s absence today on the fourth ever It’s Hot in Here.

    This just in:

    • Don’t Tase Me Man: Protesters arrested and tased after locking themselves to bulldozers at a Duke Energy coal plant in North Carolina on Tuesday. More details here.
    • Polar bear ventures too far in land to escape the ravages of climate change, gets shot by hunters in “self defense” thinking its a grizzly bear…if only the poor animals knew how to read the animal migration road signs… Check it.
      • Too depressing for you: shoot your very own Polar Bear to ease the pain!
        1 part vodka, 1 part chilled peppermint schnapps, 1 dash crushed ice: Shake schnapps and vodka together until well-mixed. Add crushed ice, shake lightly, then pour to shot glasses. Delish.
    • Oil Exec’s wine like babies for access to ANWR, despite record profits. More details here.
    • LCV Dirty Dozen, get the word out and learn about Michigan’s own diiirrrrrrtyyy Congressman Joe Knollenberg, who helped get a law banning the USEPA from ever holding informational sessions on climate change for the public. I think I could use a polar bear shot….
    • Join the greenest people in the Mitten and surrounding sweet smelling states at Ann Arbor’s own Hash Bash this Saturday from 12-1 on the UM diag. Learn more about the reason for the season, the arrest of John Sinclair and his sentence to ten years in jail for two measly joints. Check out John Lennon and Yoko Ono in some era-appropriate hot pink t’s doing the original version of their tune John Sinclair at the Free John Sinclair Rally at the Big House in 1971.
    • For more on the Shafer Commission (that recommended decriminalizing marijuana in 1972, and subsequently ignored by Nixon) and the craziness surrounding the U.S. MJ laws, check out this short format docu, The Color Green
    • And if you didn’t get enough green tunes, check out all the ones I hoped to play.

    Join us next week for all the environmental news that’s fit to hear.

    Right arm earth lovers,


    Brazil, Incentives, Pavlov’s Fish and Savin’ Enegry Through Your Inner Freak

    Audio: [audio:]

    Very special It’s Hot in Here today! Mrs. Ginason (AKA Jayanna Lee Johnson), fabulous mother of three, woman of the world and 2nd grade teacher from Medina, Ohio joins us to chat about how students impact parental environmental decision making. Mrs. Ginason has taught over 1,200 young people (and countless parents) how to be good people, avoid disposable cups and learn to quell their “Thneeds”

    • “Norm-like” Mayor of Curitiba, Brazil goes against the grain and the man with amazing results! link
    • Check out and attend the Food System Economic Partnership Conference on April 3r. Come to see the most sustainably rockin’ nuns on the planet, stay for the local foods. More info here: link
    • Soon, fish will be trained to catch themselves. It’s expected that within a decade, they’ll be able to coat themselves in batter and hop right into the fryer! link
    • While at IHIH, we strongly recommend regulatin’ your own heat the ol’ fashioned way, do check out what Ohio Edison is doing to conserve energy at peak times in Ohio! We’ve got one at the Ginason house and if you live in Ohio, you can too! Mr. Ginason reports on the newest thermostatic innovation:, but you can get more details here.
    • Mrs. Ginason recommends that we all check out the Dr. Seuss book, The Lorax, for a nice reminder of why rampant consumerism, and “Thneeds” are just bad news! Here’s a video rendition here.
    • Sustinable fish of the week: Mahi Mahi (aka Dolphin Fish) Make sure it’s US caught and you’re free to dine deliciously and safely! More details here.
    • Last, but never least, Kerry Duggan of Washington, DC League of Conservation Voters joins us in pre-recorded form – thanks much to Jay, her Communications Director for helpin’ us out! We’re sorry we couldn’t play the whole expertly recorded and informative segment, but do check it out, it’s posted here and full of great info on LCV’s Senate work, the DIIRRRRTY Dozen and your “homework” assignment for the week!

    Kerry Duggan/League of Conservation Voters: audio [audio:]

    Don’t forget to join us next week on 4-3 @ 12:00 PM EST live for a special stickin’ it to the man episode, where we’ll try to dig up Ann Arbors radical roots and rekindle our earthy fire!

    Have fun heatin’ things up and see you next week,

    Gwen Hetfield, The Hugo-it’s not all for naught, and “The Ginason’s”

    Of Striped Bass and Voting Records

    Audio: [audio:]

    This week:

    • An interview with Kerry Duggan from the League of Conservation Voters about the environmental voting record of the presidential candidates.
    • The coming of spring and the deterioration of ecological synchronaeity.
    • Sustainable fish of the week: striped bass.
    • Audio that cuts in and out on the right channel.
    • Former snerd putting it to the man at the ECO:nomics conference.
    • Some other substantive things.

    After last week’s guerilla episode we’ve received the official go-ahead from station official go-aheaders. A new era in environmentally themed college talk radio with an emphasis on soul and R&B is born.

    Here’s just the part with Kerry Duggan:

    Audio: [audio:]

    Here’s the video of Brihannala Morgan of the Rainforest Action Network rising to speak at ECO:nomics:

    Archer Daniels on the Hotseat

    And some good coverage from the Santa Barbara Independent:

    Activists Infiltrate ECO:nomics, Briefly

    It Was Hot in There


    Today’s show is a bit of a strange beast. In addition to the usual tunes, about half of it was dedicated to a pilot episode of what might become a regular environmental-themed current events/talky talk show. I asked a couple of friends if they wanted to come on the air, and a few days later they announced that they had worked out a whole show. They’re calling it “It’s Hot in Here”. I kind of like the idea of “producing” a talk show, and it gives me a chance to make unhelpful quips while they try to do something useful and interesting. So we’ll pitch it to the station execs and see. If it flys, I’ll still be doing the regular show, just an hour shorter.

    I feel like we managed to fit a tonne of good music in there anyhow. The stretch from Fred Eaglesmith to John Vanderslice felt downright blessed. (Not bad, given that our chief engineer was ripping and tearing at the patch cords trying to figure out why one of the CD decks was failing at the time.) And Jen, or Gina, or whatever the hell she’s calling herself (what’s up with these dj’s with ambiguous names?) has pretty ace taste in music to play in between the talky talk, so it all adds up pretty well. I had never heard that Rahsaan Roland Kirk song. Good stuff.

    • hugonaut13mar2008.mp3
    Playtime Title Artist Album Label
    12:05 PM Bringing it Back J.J. Cale Naturally
    12:05 PM Hammerhead Caribou The Milk of Human Kindness
    12:08 PM Redemption Songs Johnny Cash & Joe Strummer
    12:11 PM Johnny Too Bad Taj Mahal The Essential
    12:15 PM Kinky Blues Armando Trovaioli
    12:21 PM Wichita Fred Eaglesmith Dusty
    12:28 PM Jersey Girl Tom Waits
    12:37 PM California Uber Alles Dead Kennedys
    12:39 PM Take it to the Street Rebirth Brass Band Take it to the Street
    12:46 PM Slowly But Surely Holly Golightly
    12:49 PM Night People Lee Dorsey
    12:51 PM Statesboro Blues The Allman Brothers Band
    12:59 PM Changes King Curtis Live at Fillmore West
    1:13 PM Cherrybomb Pt. 2 Manitoba Up in Flames
    1:13 PM crc7173 affectionately John Vanderslice Pixel Revolt
    1:32 PM All Good? De La Soul Art Official Intelligence
    1:39 PM High Heel Sneakers Rahsaan Roland Kirk
    1:51 PM Soul Rebel Robert Marley
    1:55 PM Uptown Top Ranking Althea and Donna
    2:11 PM Vehicle Ides of March
    2:13 PM Curtis Mayfield Diamond in the Back
    2:17 PM Ride Captain Ride Blood Sweat and Tears
    2:33 PM Sex Machine James Brown
    2:38 PM Canary in a Coalmine The Police The Police
    2:40 PM Hercules Aaron Neville
    2:42 PM One Vampire Weekend Vampire Weekend
    2:47 PM Cash Cow Mike Doughty Rockity Roll
    2:48 PM Code of the Road Danko Jones his new album out soon
    2:52 PM Pamphleteer The Weakerthans Left and Leaving