First and Second Times Are the Charm, pt 2

Then yesterday there was yet another emergency request for DJs, and we covered that too. That went really well, I was deeply satisfied with my first set, and made sure everybody in radioland knew it, too.


Someone called in just to say they were glad we played the opening Uncle Tupelo song, which was cool, since I love that song. My experience with DJing so far is that you’re concentrating so hard on getting the next song or two lined up and the PSAs played at the appropriate times that you often don’t focus on the songs, so you forget people might actually be enjoying them. The other thing I’ve learned: I speak way fast when I’m on the mic.

Then yesterday evening I went in for my last apprenticeship, with local radio personality Arwulf. Arwulf’s MO is bringing in spliced up remixes of movie soundtracks he keeps on cassette, and live layering them with found audio and fringe musical events. He has CDs and records and most of all cassette tapes stacked up around on every surface. Maybe this is fun to listen to at home, it may well be, I don’t know. But it was unspeakably wonderful to be there to watch it. Halfway through his opening montage of William S Burroughs and synthesizer Vagner he got up and killed all but the christmas lights and novelty lamps in the studio. Then throughout the show he would jump up to conduct the boards, waving his arms and grinning. I just sat there with my feet up on the turntable board and shook my head and laughed out loud. Except for the parts with Jim Jones. That was really creepy. On the whole, an experience I wouldn’t expect or forget. Just for interest, . There is no playlist.

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